About Writera Magazine


Writera Magazine is an online magazine platform that caters to self-publishing writers who want their work to reach a wider audience.

We cater to a variety of content such as book reviews, author interviews, and marketing tips.

Our goal as a company is to give opportunities for new writers to have their works recognized. With a wider audience and more readers, your career as a writer is sure to kick-off!

So what is Writera Magazine?

Writera Magazine is a combination of brand expert, strategic thinkers, and book consultant who has more than 20 years’ experience in the book business. We understand the landscape in-depth about getting a literary agent, Hollywood agent, retail, and everything in between.

We believe that all types of writings are equal and no one should be behind the curve. Many writers put their time and effort into their work, only for them to never reach their peak. Here in Writera Magazine, we grow together, learn together, and help one another. 

We are not just a website, we are a community

As a community, we aim to work with different kinds of writers and learn new things as well. Writers will make form new bonds and connections to further enhance their respective careers.

What’s in it for me?

Most independent writers wake up and make their content without knowing whether they get a good amount of readers or not. Now, imagine feeling confident that you’ll get an audience for your work even before writing a single word. That’s what Writera guarantees. 

You are provided the tools you need and also a platform to do your work justice. At the same time, writers can also critique your work in order to get more potential out of you. This, in turn, can increase your sales in the long run and we will be there every step of the way. 

Nobody gets left behind in the process.

Since you’ll be part of the team as well, you also get to browse other writer’s work and draw inspiration from there. Imagine the bonds and connections you could possibly form. It could also be a safe place where students could meet mentors and vice versa. The perfect breeding ground for future writers. 

Join us now!

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