Jackson Burrows’ book takes you to an out of this world adventure of love and impossibilities

Jackson Burrows is a retired fire captain and EMT who lives in Deep South Texas along the perimeter of the Rio Grande and has turned into          a writer and finally completed the novel he developed many years ago when he was still in college. Who would have thought that an ex-fire captain and EMT had a gift of writing all those years in the service and passionately produces a 500 plus pages book?

We often hear people talk about the future or that certain time where we don’t know what lies ahead, the possibilities of what-ifs, and where uncertainties certainly exist. Burrows in his book E.V.A.IN.E offers us the complex ideas of a scientific breakthrough where he bravely took on the liberty of showing the readers possibilities of impossibilities. That with love, everything can be possible.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I never was really conscious of the fact. Processing the thought evolved over time with my accumulation of experiences. Then the day arrived when an urgency came to me to do so before my organization notes might become inconsequential.

How long does it take you to write a book?

This series took an amount of (5) years to produce the bulk of the work. Another year was required to slim down and make the reading more pleasurable and less tenuous due to the sheer amount of work volume.

What does your family think of your writing?

I am the sole remaining member of my immediate family. However, my cousins, as well as close friends, are enthusiastic and have supported my efforts to which I am most proud of them for doing so.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

The organization of a plot was easy. Once the profuse number of characters had been created  and developed, the narrative took off on its own with the premise of imperfection and impermanence.

Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

Not so much. You see my style of literature is a bit, how shall I say, underground. The work appeals to a small group who have had similar occurrences in their life. Not for the mainstream, I suppose, for they have no basis for comparison to help them, but I find the concept relevant in the times we find ourselves in.

What inspired you to write E.V.A.IN.E.? To whom or where did you get the inspiration for such a complex idea?

You have only to look around us for the ability to see the cognitive path we are on. This cognitive path of creation is an event that has been forming and waiting for its direction to mature. Let’s just say, not to be putting to find a point on the position, that this age change to society, I ponder, will surely be wondrous and dangerous once it arrives in earnest. Motivation is a funny thing next to the examination of inspiration. It comes with surviving the dangers of personal experience and the effort to understand the mystery once one is finally standing on the other side in reflection.

What was your motive in writing a story like E.V.A.IN.E.? What message did you want to convey to the readers?

There is and remains a lack of harmony in the world due to the overriding power of greed. I had hoped to examine this on a psychological level and draw back the curtain, so to speak, to its influence over us all. If it can be done, and I know the impossibility of such an endeavor, then the life of humanity and the planet would benefit. You see, greed does not nourish but diminishes all it comes in contact with. Therein lies the effort in revealing its power over us and changing the outcome for once so evolution can continue in a positive direction.

 Your book talks about the creation of a super being by an intelligent and genius human in the form of Dr. Shesgal Ollemanhalu, do you intend to shake off the mainstream philosophy of faith in God?

This is a planet and people who are trying to find a way back from civilization collapse. To draw parallels to them with us and our philosophy would be a misinterpretation. They are searching for their solution to prevent the collapse occuring once again in four previous encounters that have decimated them. Our society, I grant you for the sake of argument, has had tribulations as well with all of its segregation of societies. But that is where the similarity ends. Societies form their own obstacles and remedies for facing them.

Why didn’t you start your book with chapter 1? What was your intention in arranging the parts of the book the way it is now?

The prologues give the reader a backstory and basis for embracing the core of the work that is to come. The created artifice that results in the evolutionary phase or prologues, gives depth to the E.V.A.IN.E. World Foundation or Denevan Ministry that exploringly puts forth their philosophy. The first chapter sets the reader off on the trail to solve the inherent mystery in the ghost maiden’s message to her bonded one and who will be the transcendent to come. It’s not who you might first think.

I am fascinated with the names of your characters, how did you come up with those names, or what is your inspiration in coming up with those names?

In remembering your social studies course, a forming society needs for example: food, shelter, members of a society, etc. the individuals draw on what is available to them in establishing their identity. The planet is a tribal society. In a forming and tender development with its planet and other life i.e. the totality of what is a world with its sensory applications to the environment, the leadership and societal sects within this forming community use names that equate with their titles service at the time of each maturity phase. Starting with infants, to adolescence, to maturity such occurrences that befall or elevate the individual within their clans has a change to their former names. These changes can be originating from the clans Oroneses Society of Shamans who recognized and apply the change or in conjunction with ceremonial rites with the primary family members. These titles of identifying names are in direct contact with their talents and office holding. The appendix helps clarify this further.

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