One Vote by J. Stewart Willis will Make You Laugh and Roll

Stewart Willis is an American writer who is a master of humorous banter. He writes witty dialogues that offer a whole lot of entertainment.

His latest book, One Vote, is the proof that he takes his writing seriously for the purpose of education and entertainment. It is a book that can bring you to a world of reality where hope and justice certainly exist. His talent in writing is undeniably a gift he surely needs to share to everyone. The way he puts life’s picturesque is fascinating and amusing, his vivid presentation of reality through his book makes it possible for the readers to taste, see, and feel the characters’ adventures from the start up to the very end of the story.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I started writing a civil war novel when I was in college, but the requirements of life took over and I didn’t return to writing until after my wife passed away from cancer. There was a void to fill.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

Finding that I could take a simple and create a book around it.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

I have written five books, one of which has not been published yet. One Vote is my favorite book because I feel it flows to a complete and happy closure.

I fell in love with the way you represent the American couples in your book, One Vote, they are sweet and supportive to each other, as someone who experiences it first-hand would you honestly say that this is the reality among Americans?

It was reality in my life and I see it in several couples I know. That’s not to say everyone is perfect, but there’s a lot of good.

Is Chance Fitzbourne a product of your imagination or a real person? who inspired you to write a story about him?

Chance is an amalgam of many people I have known in living in a rural county in Virginia. I’ve known cattle farmers, some of whom have other jobs to support their love. I’ve heard them complain. I’ve felt the joy in what they do. I’ve known relatives of people who were displaced by the government during the development of Shenandoah National Park. I’ve known young people who work for Department of Transportation because these are limited job opportunities in some rural areas. I’ve had friends who work with local Democratic and Republican organizations, who have sat in the cold outside voting sites.

Is your book, One Vote, relevant only to those who live in America, or do you believe that other people who live in other parts of the world would be able to identify and relate themselves to the characters of the story?

I think the Trump Presidency, if nothing else, has made the US Government a topic of interest throughout the world. Based on the news of the past four years, I think citizens of other lands can follow what I have written.

I enjoyed reading your dialogues, they are witty and natural. How were you able to construct them without confusing your readers? It amazed me, any tips to your fellow and aspiring writers out there?

For good or bad, my books are dialog driven. I’m not a poet. I don’t describe sonnets well. I try to put myself in the position of my characters and use my words to describe what they do and think.

I assume your book was written during the surge of CoVid-19 cases around the world, how did you manage to write an eye-opening and inspirational story in times of fear, anxiety, and uncertainties? Because I sure felt tinged with joy on every page and cried a little while reading your book.

I finished the book in March just as the pandemic began. It created a conundrum. I had to decide whether to rewrite or ride with what I had. I was torn. I wanted to get the book out before the election (at which I failed). I finally decided there was enough drama without the pandemic and went ahead.

In writing One Vote, are you intentionally trying to influence your fellow citizens to take side with the Democratic against Republican Party and vice-versa? Or are you on the neutral side of the party?

I’m generally pretty neutral. In this case, the Republican Party gave me a President to use a villain. I thought my reader could associate with that. Unfortunately, I think reality has outdone my book.

Your book is inspirational and educational, would you be interested in having speaking engagements all around the schools and universities in the United States of America on a tour? Do you think it would be a wise move to your personal and professional life as a writer?

I think that would presume I am something that I’m not; I am not a Constitutional scholar and don’t pretend to be. I’m a story teller. The Constitution provided me an outline for a story. I thank the founding fathers.

This book is now available in Amazon.

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