Jaycee: A Novel That Will Inspire Young Women and Men

The first book written by Robert Kowalski “Jaycee: A Heroine’s Journey” and the main theme of what we’ll be talking about in this time-                 worthy interview. A simple message that Robert wants to share with all of us is that we don’t need to be the SUPERWOMAN, for the world simply needs a loyal friend, a compassionate human being, and an honest person.

He has also shared some of the things he is passionate about, including his favorite author and why he loves writing. He hopes to share to each and every one of us the simple and yet profound message of this story to every young lady who desires to explore the world with an eye of wonder, compassion, and connection with God.

Read our interview below and see why Robert Kowalski is a promising author whose message to young ladies and to people who love writing is something that we will gain inspiration and encouragement from.

We all know that you were deeply inspired by the strong and smart women in your life, but what was in your mind when you wrote this story? What do you want to tell the readers?

The main message of this book is that:

 “You do not need to be Wonder Woman or Superman to be a Hero. It’s the simple acts of being honest, a loyal friend, and being a loving and compassionate person that truly change the world.” 

Have you written other books in the past, what are those?

No this is my first. 

Tell us about your favorite that truly inspired and moved you.

I enjoy non-fiction. Stories about real people. Both ancient and modern ones. 

Who is your favorite author and why?

Ernest Hemingway – Outdoor adventurer! His descriptive writing style truly speaks to me.  The Snows of Kilimanjaro, one of the books he’s written by Ernest is also one of my favorite. I asked myself this, “Why did the snow leopard climbing the mountain?” “What was he seeking?”

Tell us about yourself and your hobbies?

I worked in the Boundary Waters Wilderness area as a young man. It taught me a profound respect for Nature. I also play golf. I love the challenge of the game and the friendship I have made through golf.

What other books (genre and theme) do you plan to write in the future?

My next book will be called, “Life and Business Lessons learned from Nature”. It tells of real life nature encounter that I have had over the years. As a scuba diver swimming with a pack of Barracudas. Wrestling a 9-foot Brown Bear at a sport show, and having an encounter with a wolf in a blizzard. I have used these experiences, and lessons and applied them to my overall life. 

Who is the major influence in your life who inspired you to write and pursue writing?

When I was 13 in 8th Grade, our teacher held a writing contest. I won it with my tale, “The Thirteenth: Task of Hercules”. Since then I have been writing off and on, mostly poems. 

What was the first book you’ve written? Tell us about it.

Jaycee: A Heroine’s Journey is my very first book.

Why should people read this book – Jaycee?

It’s original, funny, and insightful all at one time. Jaycee deals with life issues in a unique way. It makes being Spiritual hip and cool. I think it could be The Breakfast Club of 2021 if it was ever produced for the screen. 

What is the one thing that you love about being a writer?

Writing is a hobby not a profession for me. It gives the creative side of my being an outlet for expression of my thoughts and insights. I encourage everyone to write a poem, keep a dairy or start your novel. Do not worry if you think you’re not good enough. You are good enough just the way you are. Whether you’re writing for yourself or for the world. 

Writing is good for the soul.

This book is now available in Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Buy your own copy now!

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