The Real Battle Begins After the War: Peter Ilich’s The New Patriots Shows the Veterans’ Untold Stories

The Real Battle Begins After the War: Peter Ilich’s The New Patriots Shows the Veterans’ Untold Stories

Since the dawn of time, the world has been engaged in warfare, with various countries firing bullets at one another. It’s a good thing there are warriors willing to fight for their country and their fellow citizens. But who will fight for the fighters, though? In The New Patriots, a startling and remarkable documentary, Peter Ilich reveals a different angle on the usual war stories.

Miljan Peter Ilich holds a J.D. and a Ph.D. from New York University. He is Professor Emeritus of Law and History at Technical Career Institute in New York City, where he developed the TCI Law Review and produced TCI: The First 100 Years, a documentary about the school’s 100-year history.

He’s worked on several documentaries, including the divisive ArtWatch, which he co-produced with Columbia University, and the award-winning Chios 1822.

Dr. Ilich is a regular panelist at the Left Forum Conferences, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York, on Activism for Peace in Israel and Palestine.

Why do you think this story of the war veterans is important to be known by the world?

It is important to understand the humanity of the soldiers who were called upon to fight our wars.

While doing this, what insights had you gained?

Soldiers often understand war issues better than armchair Generals who command them. Race relations are generally better in the military rather than civilian life.

How did you meet Timothy Turane, Johan Dominique, and Donny McKay?

Timothy Turane was my student in the college law program which I taught. Those were his veteran friends Who served with him in the field.

Do you keep in contact with your cast, how are they after the documentary?

I have had some contact afterwards.

How long did it take from start to finish to make your film?

It took about two years to finalize the documentary.

What are the difficulties in making this documentary come to life?

It was difficult to cover complex issues in a limited length documentary in an interesting way.

Where did you get the raw clips? How did it help in the narration?

Illustrative materials came from a variety of sources including the veterans’ footage from their service in the field and government agencies.

Aside from the cast, do you know any war veterans personally?

I have many family members and friends who are war veterans.

Did the government or any organization reach out to the homeless veterans?

There is very inadequate governmental reach out to homeless Veterans. The civilian sector is not very good about it either.

Do you plan on making another documentary? What will it be about? Is it related to the same subject?

Possible future documentary –  if financing is obtained is about the entry of recent veterans into politics and government positions.

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