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Cross Promotions With Other Authors Means Outmost Production

Spending days working in your books can be a solitary experience. As the saying goes by “No man is an Island” also works in promoting your book. With the help of internet and social media, we manage to communicate and share one goal- to help one another succeed. We all have wiped our brows promoting one another in every social media we have known to let people know who we are.

 The frustrations that we have voice out and daily triumphs we have shared lead us to build a strong bond that let us realize that we didn’t just see ourselves as authors who wrote and promoted books, but as humans who values friendship. A kind words and a listening ear gave us reassurance that we would always be there for each other through storms and rainbow, a commitment we all made and kept.

Working together as a team can create a buzz. We all need one another and should never be alone. Using internet and social media like Twitter and Facebook, online writing communities or other group pages can help you to find an author who is searching for authors like you to be a bigger part of a community. An advantage of this is you can ask authors to write a short notice and review about your book that you can post in Amazon with your book cover and your website.

What Joining Contest Offers

Online contest can be an opportunity for authors to participate in. You must be diligent in searching for a legitimate contest that requires a fee or do not. Prices may not worth much, but remember that you are after the exposure.

Winning in an online competition is a wonderful experience that allows you to post in your Bio and let the public knows that you are an award-winning author. More awards to win, the better for you Bio and advantage.


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