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Everybody Can Sell Their Books Online

Many authors preferably hide at their computer creating their own world with their fictional friends. They don’t want to go out to socialize with other people. But when it’s time for book signing, promotions of their book in face-to-face they tend to feel anxious in a reason of they are not used to it. We live in a digital age where you can have virtual friends and supporters without meeting them in person

Hundreds of opportunities and resources that authors can acquire even at the comfort of their home. It can be anytime of the day and no one can see what you are doing even if you are on your sleepwear you can still promote and sell your book just by just using your magic words.

The advantages of promoting and doing everything online is you have the power of everything. You don’t need to cut your other plans and drive to an event just to have your schedule signing. Even at your comfort clothes, you have the luxury of having your own schedule. You are in charge of the messages that you want to deliver to your followers and you are also in control on what you will produce online and what you want your readers to see. Note that this also means you need to be careful in everything you post and do online.

Sales and Marketing Are Two Different Words

The question that I often ask to the new authors when they complain that they can’t sell their written excellent book is, “Have you marketed your work?” Then they would give me this “I don’t understand you look”. As you understand, marketing must involve a lot of creative ideas. Marketing and sales has different roles, but they must work well together to plan your strategy to sell your book. Marketing involves advertising, market research, including promotion to ensure your product is ready. Sales is about selling the finished product.

Behind every book lies an author who wrote it. You need to think creatively to let people know and be drawn to your work. Never underestimate what you can do and put a lot of effort. You are your greatest product and you must invest in yourself. To let your readers be drawn to you, you must invest a high-resolution photo that demands priority. Imagine you might be in a bestseller list that requires a professional photo and a press kit, but not choosing to invest in headshot photo shows unprofessionalism.

Imagine a businessperson presenting his works to his clients. He will be judged for his creativity, wittiness and presentation. As you can see the presentation maybe great but if the businessman doesn’t work hard to creatively present his work, you know exactly what the clients will think. First impression lasts, so you need to give your best shot.

Spellbinding cover that captures the eye is necessary. Some of the cover artist could be costly but think of it as an investment, but there is still another option. You can use the free stock photos on line for the cover of your book. We are in a visual world, if your cover is very common that doesn’t stand out from the rest, what guarantees you to make your readers to take a second look? Wouldn’t you want your book to have a thousand readers? Take ideas from the well- known authors.

You don’t want to waste the time of your readers so you must hook them with a remarkable summary. Win them in the first sentence alone. Keep your summary to two hundred or more words. To promote your work, invest in marketing materials like bookmarks, virtual banner and business cards. Your book can be worth a fortune if you know how to package your work.

Research is Necessary

Have you experienced waiting for a very important email using your phone but your internet connection was interrupted? You received the email late because your phone wasn’t 4G. Annoying isn’t it? An author can feel this way also when he/she doesn’t research about publishing industry. Authors should keep up to date with all the changes in publishing industry. There are lot of opportunities and resources offered online that you can use in building your platform.

An Authorpreneur should create new trends to be ahead of the crowd to win the game. As a novice in the field of writing, where do you start? To answer this question, you can visit the website of the authors that can inspire you to effectively create your platform. Even if you are a new author that doesn’t have anyone to assist you in your promotion, this should not hinder you from researching. Everything you need to know about the tips in publishing, writing and marketing information is available and free online.

These are the information and resources that the internet offers that will lead you to various options in promoting your work.


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