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What’s Next After You Published Your Book?

You have worked sleepless nights while presuming that your project is done after typing ‘The End’. You thought your work was done and somewhere down the road, your books would make it to the hands of thousands of readers. But I hate to tell you this; alternatively, the work is definitely not over yet. In fact, you’ve completely just begun. Be equipped for some other prolonged sleepless nights and days with loads of difficult work, blood, sweat, and tears.

Mostly some authors are getting excited after knowing that their books were already published. Smelled the paperback version of the books, taken many images and uploaded it on social media accounts. However, the query of every writer is “How am I going to sell my book?

New authors frequently ask why they have to market their book. They marvel why their books can’t promote by itself. First, if you are writing a book as a hobby and solely intend to promote your books to  family members or friends, then this book isn’t for you but if you’re thinking of growing your profession as an author, then this book is for you. According to a study, statistics exhibit that solely  only seven percent of authors sell greater than a thousand books.

Writing a rattling suitable book, which has been professionally edited, and sports activities an eye-catching book cover is only an icing on the cake. To make your book stand out from the rest, you need to be able to inform people that your book is available.

From a man’s perspective, pretend that you want your dream vacation to happen tomorrow. Everything is ready. You even invited your girlfriend because you are planning to propose to her. Then suddenly you get a call from your boss saying that you need to present your work for your new clients or else you will not get your promotion. What steps will you take? Will you cancel your vacation and say sorry to your girlfriend or you need to prove your boss that he chose the right person for the promotion?

From a woman’s perspective, pretend that you are a birthday celebrant. You have just one week to plan everything and you want it to be as exactly as what you’re wishing. All the invitations are haunting you late at night and you can’t sleep. Will your dress be match in the flowers and colors of your decoration? Should the cake be a strawberry flavored or mixed? Who will be your guests? Will they love your party?

Building your author’s platform includes a lot of hard work, patience, and determination. Note that this isn’t about how to turn out to be a best seller. This book is about how to construct your platform by just in the comfort of your home. Honestly speaking building an author’s brand can take you away from your work, and this happens during the first stage. If you work hard to fulfill your goals in constructing your platform, I guarantee you, you’ll gain a list of loyal followers throughout your career.

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