Am I Burned Out at Work?: A Self-Care Solution

A person’s mental ability encompasses various facets of our lives; so when it is seriously impaired, a significant piece of your life is taken away. Once a person is exposed to work-related stress, there are only two possible outcomes: productivity or inactivity. Some people function more effectively with stress and pressure, but most of the time they cause burnout, hindering you from accomplishing more in life and from reaching success. In this book, Salar Khan shared an in-depth view of the correlation between work and stress and how it gradually turns into burnout.

Am I Burned Out at Work?: A Self-Care Solution is a book that discusses workplace burnout from a variety of perspectives, including one from a physician. This section includes suggestions that will assist us in improving our self-management skills in order to prevent being dysfunctional. Numerous tools will evaluate us and provide strategies for self-management of the stress that contributes to burnout. The book effectively introduced me to the notion of burnout and how our expectations frequently exceed reality, resulting in stress. It assists in identifying the primary causes of burnout and provides us with a strategy for resolving these issues, particularly those connected to workplace burnout.

The book is extremely beneficial in reducing work-related stressors that cause burnout in employees. It covers a broad variety of subjects that assist you in comprehending the causes and effects of burnout. Many employees nowadays are quickly depleted while achieving little or nothing. This is because they are experiencing burnout, which has a detrimental effect on the quality of their service to the firm. It causes their minds and bodies to become dysfunctional, limiting the number of tasks a person can do and finally leading to the horrific decision of terminating an employee due to burnout. Am I Burned Out at Work?: A Self-Care Solution is an engrossing and enlightening narrative that will take you on an illuminating trip of Salar Khan’s life, his experiences, and insights about mental health and burnout.

A powerful and compelling self-help book that will certainly capture your senses and your mind by venturing you into Salar Khan’s life. He shares how he managed to maintain his composure despite the rigors of the physician’s profession. Prepare yourself with the abounding insights, guidance, and lessons that will assist you in comprehending what you are going through and some of the methods you may assist yourself with. If you are fond of reading books that would surely benefit you, in your mental stability, confidence, and success, you found just the perfect book for it. It is a one-of-a-kind book that discusses one of the controversial issues nowadays which is mental health, particularly about being burned out at work. Despite its instruction component, it is not tedious and the author does an excellent job at maintaining your interest.

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Pub Date: October 14, 2019
Page Count: 197
Publisher: Archway Publishing (October 14, 2019)
Review Posted Online: October 14, 2019
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: May 13, 2022
Category: Self-Help, Fitness, 

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