What if life is like a game where you can change your fate in just two moves? What if you can reverse the situation you are in by                               changing the way you deal with things?

The book Amina’s Choice pitches life as if we are playing a board game. The story started as the father and daughter, Mzee and Amina, played Omweso. Omweso is a Ugandan board game that was introduced in the story. In the game, Mzee’s pieces were cornered, and just when Amina was about to win, Mzee, beat her in two swift moves. She never knew that this single event in her life would make a huge impact later on.

Amina’s Choice is a Ugandan version of a classic Cinderella story. The plot of the story changes the reader’s viewpoint about being strong and standing up for oneself. Amina’s father, Mzee, left Amina to her cruel stepmother, Adong, to look for work. Amina is a hardworking girl, and Adong took advantage of this. Amina did all the household chores day in and day out. She’s already falling behind in her classes.

Otim played a major role in encouraging Amina as she went through these trials. They shared precious memories together. Amina even gave him the beautiful bracelet she wove. Otim was a brilliant upperclassman of Amina who was sent by Amina’s teacher to help her catch up to the lesson. Amina is definitely not a no-brainer. In fact, she’s supposed to be involved in everything. Adong gave her a ton of work and she was unable to study. In the story, Otim liked Amina because she was good at Math.  As time went on, they became attracted to each other.

One of Adong’s daughter, Sanyu, is a cruel antagonist who also helped Adong with her evil plans. She was eyeing on marrying Otim who secretly admired Amina. Malaika, the other daughter of Adong, is the exact opposite of Sanyu. She loves hanging out with Amina and even became Amina’s best friend. She accompanies Amina and usually sneaks into the kitchen just to talk to her.  Malaika resembles everybody’s true friend. Her character reminded us who has been there when we need help the most. When Amina finally realized that she needed to take action in her current situation and take back what has been taken away from her, it is Malaika who helped her achieve her goals and find true happiness.

What is Amina’s choice? Who is Otim as a man? How important is the father’s role? These questions are slowly being revealed as the end draws the story’s conclusion. This book not only teaches valuable insights for kids, but it also brings meaningful realization to adults who are trying to pursue true happiness. It teaches readers that true happiness can only be achieved by fighting for what is right, taking back what has been stolen, and claiming the things that are rightfully ours. Amina’s Choice is a tale of a young girl who suffers abuse and is trying to cope up, a friend who never hesitated to stand by her side, a lover who recognizes her worth, a father who is out of town trying to find more money, only to realize that he had lost more than what he gained. A story of love, hard work, friendship, and excellence despite being pushed back. This is indeed a story perfect for kids.

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Pub Date: June 1, 2018
Page Count: 32
Publisher: Old Mzee Books
Review Posted Online: February 17, 2021
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: February 17, 2021
Categories: East Africa History

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