When things get creepy and dangerous, what would you choose between light and darkness? When no one hears your cry, who would                      you ask for help?

Angela Fujiwara is just one of the ordinary teenagers who study at Lucas Valley High. She has a gift for playing football, she’s pretty athletic. As she’s part of a gender-mixed football team and excels in her role as the wide receiver of the team. Everything seems normal in her everyday life, but not until she met an accident while riding the school bus going back home with her schoolmates, Alex Menendez and Seth Dupree.  Alex is a friend, but Seth isn’t. She finds Seth creepy and does not want anything to do with him, more so since the bus incident, when she gained consciousness and found his hand under her bra. The feelings of disgust are the only thing she feels towards him.  

For doing such a thing to Angela, Seth pleads guilty, despite his innocence and reasons, and accepts his sentence of 5 weekends in the Juvenile Hall, 200 hours of community service, and he is also restrained by the court not to be within 50 feet parameter around her. But the physical distance between them does not prevent Angela from hearing Seth’s voice in her mind, and worst she can sense his presence despite the fact that she can’t even see him.

Weird things keep on happening and she cannot put a finger on it. Ever since the bus accident on the creek bed, strange and dangerous incidents keep on happening around her: the attempted kidnapping, a plane almost crashing on to her, three dead girls in the shower room of their locker, and a lot more creepy things she thought are impossible to materialize. Supernatural and inexplicable events slip through Angela’s life as she discovers more of the mystery that hides behind these events. She is in for the surprise of a lifetime as she learns one by one of the magical power of her friends. She tries to keep cool about it every time another revelation of magic pops out in the air, and be rational with the seemingly attempted murder the keeps on transpiring against life.

An almost like Zombie apocalypse with ghost and vampire on the leash nearly snaps her out of sanity, but when a caped figure on a horse in the sky appears, everything seems to be easy to get away with. The terrifying magic and dark glorious figure of Seth manifests and unleashes the power of death and life. She is saved and brought to life by her most hated person on earth, ironically.

Everything is not what it seems. Rian McMurtry will play mind games on you as you dive into the world of her book, Between Light and Dark.

The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Buy your own copy now!

Pub Date: July 20, 2020
Page Count: 144
Publisher: Author Reputation Press, LLC 
Review Posted Online: February 13, 2021
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: February 13, 2021
Categories: Action & Adventure


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