Boy Interrupted by Patrick King

Boy Interrupted

There are no crimes that would not go unpunished. And there are no perfect crimes for which the perpetrator can go unnoticed. King’s “Boy                 Interrupted” is an engrossingly-plotted story of a delirious experience. Fasten your seatbelts, for we are about to reach the crescendo in the making of serial killing.

In a small town of Muncie, where crimes and violence seldom ever happen, none of the townspeople ever thought that one day, a corpse would be found – devoid of life; with its organs gone missing, and its body mutilated and dissected like a frog in a science lab. Everyone thought it was just a simple and ordinary crime. Then, another unfortunate victim followed. It’s just too good to be a coincidence. Eventually, Detective Susan Harwood and her brilliant team of police, FBI, ME, and renowned psychologist formed a team to investigate the fascinating crimes. Initially, the leads would come to a dead end. But they already figured that this might be a serial killing. They figured they were not dealing with some clueless murderer either.

Psychologist Raif O’Donnell hypothesized that the perpetrator is on a mission to kill doctors. This sociopath has a superior intellect and was prone to violence. He was abused at a young age in the most horrible way that made his life miserable. Why the killing? He has come for revenge – a judge and a jury – the purest form of justice.

The heartless killer responsible for eighteen and unrecorded murders was Kenny Hanson who was molested as a child by his own flesh and blood and his father’s monstrous friends. The pact with his daddy and little Kenny’s desire to live was all he got to survive hell. Little Kenny did not forget and swore to make them pay. He turned into a monster that no one could ever imagine.

Kenny is a shattered soul, devoid of happiness and peace throughout his life. Only pain, misery, and horrible experiences are the definition of his life. Kenny was simply a disturbed boy. That is why his mission must be completed – make them suffer. But in the final moments of his revenge, it seems that Kenny is simply brought into this world to experience a living hell.

King’s breathtaking spin in writing about a serial killer is truly a masterpiece. Every scene and every turn of events is genius. One can never guess what would happen next, and this is where our hearts would skip a beat. For mystery and crime combined with dark psychology, Patrick King is your guy!

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Pub Date: November 9, 2020
Page Count: 406
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Review Posted Online: November 9, 2020
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: June 28, 2021
Categories: Police Procedurals, Suspense

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