A love story like no other and a whole lot of consequences to deal with, E.V.A.IN.E by Jackson Burrows takes you on a journey of a           lifetime of danger and horror of what-could-be if artificial intelligence and a human go beyond the limit of their symbiotic relationship.

Dr. Shesgal Ollemanhalu, a behavioral scientist and genetic engineer, made a breakthrough philosophy and a thesis about proto-life and the evolution of a new life form in the embodiment of E.V.A.IN.E., an entity that could save humans from their own manufactured destruction.

Time passed and the fruit of Ollemanhalu’s success benefited the new generations. Through the guidance system program, E.V.A.IN.E., peace, and harmony among humans are sustained and continued to exist, yet there is an unspoken law of nature in this temporal world that nothing lasts forever even the good things. All are bound to change or in some cases reach the end of their existence.

Dissatisfaction and the desire for more leads to betrayal, and greed has its own sneaky way of seething through the human’s heart that may lead to war. Chaos and murder happen, humans with their survival instincts can only push their limits to overcome adversaries and prolong their limited time in the world. And these negativities are the reasons the ancestral maiden ghosts were made. A ghost serves as an advisor and guide to a chosen tribal leader, also known as Victaneres when they successfully bonded with their maiden ghosts, so they can lead their clan to live in harmony and tranquility.

It was during dream visitation when the ghost conveys messages of guidance or warnings if something or someone would harm the existence of the tribal clan, and in that communal state was when the tribal leader felt deeply drawn and charmed to the existence of the maiden ghost. But what if in the conduct of the guidance system program, something more happened, something more passionate and sensible that went beyond the natural barriers. That in that union of two separate and opposite life forms an intimacy was transfigured. A kind of intimacy that led to the unveiling of a maiden ghost’s feelings, a virtual personality transformed in creation that could now also nurture a divine feeling of love. What worse could happen?

E.V.A.IN.E by Jackson Burrows will push your imagination to its limit. He offers ideas that are beyond human comprehension. Concepts like artificial intelligence, teleportation, a combination of organic and non-organic artifice to form a life, hologram, light years and space travel, and the thought of inhabitants in other planets are difficult to fully comprehend, yet Burrows took on the liberty of his creativity in giving the readers a glimpse of the mysteries behind these mind-blowing concepts. The complexity of ideas in his book will question your very own intelligence and reality, and ask yourself, is it really possible? Isn’t it dangerous? Or isn’t it going against the law of nature if an entity like E.V.A.IN.E really exists? 

A love story that transcends differences and abolishes the law of nature, E.V.A.IN.E Book 1 is set to light fire on your imagination and gives you hope that anything is possible in love.

The book is available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Pub Date: Sept 20, 2016
Page Count: 508
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Review Posted Online: January 22, 2021
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: January 22, 2021
Categories: Fantasy 

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