Life: Four Quarters Plus Overtime

There are times when you just want to get over with life. Moments when you are lost and uncertain of what is ahead of you in the days to                  come.

Floyd L. Griffin Jr. expertly shares his ideas and experiences about the different phases of a human being in a lifetime. He assumes that there are four quarters and an overtime in a human life’s spans: from birth to adolescence, late adolescence to early adulthood, midlife, late adulthood, and the overtime period. His book, Life: Four Quarters Plus Overtime, serves as a platform for an informative and detailed discussion of life’s different stages. Aside from sharing his personal experiences, he also relates them to theories and ideas from the world’s renowned theorists of our time like Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, and more.

As an African American descent, he digs deeper into the previous and present plight of his brothers and sisters in America. The oppression experienced by the African Americans in the hands of White Americans in the not-so-ancient past is something that he holds firmly in his heart and mind. He believes that the oppression runs deep, it is a generational wound from more than 300 years of slavery that is never easy to heal. The wound is deep and it needs healing.  

Griffin Jr. did not leave behind the aspect of spirituality in every quarter of life. He presents spirituality as an avenue to provide healing among wounded African Americans, the generational effects of racism and discrimination that badly need immediate salve to begin their recuperation. The modern world is not an exception and free from these oppressive activities, unconsciously or systematically, towards people of color. It is a sad reality, but there are people who will never stay silent about this sad and unjust reality. There are people who stood, who stand, and will stand up all for the right reason, and it is only righteous to stand up against any kind of oppression. 

The Most High God created us all equal and no amount of melanin could ever dictate who is superior and inferior, no amount of melanin could ever decide who to oppress and who not to oppress. Regardless of your color, age, or gender, the only identity that is left behind when all else fails is your identity in Christ and that you are a child of the Most High God.  

There are seasons and reasons for everything and all things happen for a purpose. Life: Four Quarters Plus Overtime by Floyd L. Griffin Jr. will inspire you to live a meaningful, productive, and fulfilling life… glorifying God all of your days, in all phases.

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Pub Date: September 25, 2019
ASIN: B082R2C8V4
Page Count: 240
Publisher: Xlibris US
Review Posted Online: September 25, 2019
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: February 26, 2021
Categories: Politics & Social Science, Inspirational Spirituality

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