Shaping the Future of Global Leadership: Finding a Peaceful Solution

In light of the current turmoil between Ukraine and Russia, the world is in dire need of effective and competent leaders to ensure world peace. Leaders have a significant impact on our lives and our society. In fact, they are responsible for every decision which may or may not affect us negatively. Thus choosing the right leader is a must for us to live a happy life. However, how is it possible if we let inept leaders sit in power? Shaping the Future of Global Leadership: Finding a Peaceful Solution explicitly demystifies his vision and resolution for a better place to live with leaders who are highly qualified and stable enough to handle the responsibilities.

The book immerses us in political, cultural, and religious topics that primarily concern shaping a leader with morals and values that are truly ready for the position. Several socioeconomic concerns are widespread across the world, including war, corruption, and many others that jeopardize people’s wellbeing and put their lives at risk. During his boyhood, the author encountered the harsh realities of war, notably the strife between Pakistan and India, which forever altered the course of his life. Wars may be extremely distressing, and they happen as a consequence of the actions of egoistic, vicious, and self-centered leaders that seize power. As someone who has lived through and experienced war, the author emphasized the need to mold ideal leaders in order to build a better future for everyone.

In Shaping the Future of Global Leadership, Dr. Salar A. Khan, a physician and well-known wordsmith, delves into politics and provides some insights to better the political system in the world. Decision-making skills are a critical characteristic that a leader must possess. For that, the author aims to develop a leader’s mindset and train them to be ready for strategic planning for society’s advancement. The author also deliberately shows the failures of the current leadership system and compares them with what must be done to resolve these issues. He proposes the establishment of IGLO, or Independent Global Leadership Organization, which will contribute to building standards for leaders and instill in them the necessary values and character traits to be effective, as well as to hold them accountable for any transgression.

Shaping the Future of Global Leadership: Finding a Peaceful Solution is extremely beneficial in resolving contemporary societal issues such as the Russia/Ukraine conflict, Colonial Wars in Ethiopia and Afghanistan, and several other conflicts in nations where many lives were taken due to selfish motives. Dr. Khan was succinct and straightforward in his ideas while leaving impactful remarks and practical solutions that will serve as a wake-up call and eye-opener on what it takes to become an effective leader and to bring up competent leaders in the future.

A must-have book! The book was not only enlightening and illuminating, but it was also highly engrossing, keeping me engaged throughout. It will give you a refreshing take on politics. The author was well-versed in this certain topic, particularly having witnessed firsthand how a leader may exacerbate unnecessary wars and misery among those afflicted, such as the young Salar Khan.


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Pub Date: August 28, 2020
Page Count: 93
Publisher: Archway Publishing (August 28, 2020)
Review Posted Online: August 28, 2020
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: May 11, 2022
Category: Self-Help, Political Science

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