Something’s Gotta Give: The Art of Balancing Medical Career, Teenagers, and Relationships without Prozac

For more than 20 years, Anna Sylwestrowicz has worked as an anesthesiologist. She is the lone kid in her family. Her father is also a                          doctor, while her mother works as a chemical engineer. She said as a child that she enjoyed doing everything and having everything. She used to be idealistic when she was younger. She explained that she chose medicine since most of her colleagues did, and that her father had a big effect on her decision to become an anesthesiologist.

Being in the medical field, or any other field for that matter, is not easy, especially if you want to make a career out of it. That’s why, when she married and became pregnant, she struggled to cope with the pregnancy and the pressure to return to work. The judgments made by women in the medical industry were scrutinized.

Her marital life was also a failure. Even though they tried their hardest to keep it together, certain things must be sacrificed for the good of everyone, including their marriage. She divorced her husband and became a single mother. Being a career woman and a mother has never been simple but being a single mother working at a hospital is undoubtedly more difficult.

This gripping story sheds light on the challenges women face, especially in a world where stereotypes and patriarchal attitudes toward career moms still exist. It was never easy for her to be a perfect mother and a decent doctor, and it took its toll on her. She offered interviews and tales of women from a variety of fields, not just medical. Anna claimed that she doesn’t have all the answers on how to balance life and career; maybe there was really no answer to that.

This book will help you know and comprehend why women act and think the way they do. It’s both inspirational and heartwarming. If a woman reads this book, she will undoubtedly feel that connection because everything described here is something that women have also gone through. If a male reads this, he will gain insight into the challenges that women face, which he will never know.

It was written in a way that may be described as raw. While reading this book, you will find yourself agreeing with her. It’s as if she’s speaking directly to you, imparting what she’s learned over the years. There are several reminders that might assist you once you have confronted the challenges of being a woman. Decisions you make now will have a significant influence on how your life will turn out in the future, so make wise choices. And remember that a woman will never be defined by the roles society has set for them.

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Pub Date: September 3, 2015
ISBN: 1517136032 
Page Count: 187
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Review Posted Online: September 3, 2015
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: December 4, 2021
Category: Stress Management Self-Help, Women Studies

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