The Avenging Angel

Eroticism and magic are on the spot in this unique story of The Avenging Angel by Frank Tropea. He has written a heart-stopping and                        thrilling adventure through the story of Amanda Mannon, a witch, who is haunted by her ghostly demonic-lover. Strange as it can be, the intriguing plot filled with darkness, conspiracies, and selfish desires will never let you get away from what the writer has in store for you in this book.

Amanda with the extra baggage of her dark past tries to start a new life. She has beauty, wealth, and magical power. Her life almost seems perfect with her newborn daughter, a 4-year-old son, and a skilled lawyer and kind husband. What else could she ask for? So, she decided to be a loving mother to her two beautiful children, unlike her own dead mother.

Yet something feels wrong in a life that seems oh so perfect, she yearns for someone or something she is not supposed to. She already has Craig Senior, as her capable and handsome husband, but there is this emptiness in her that can never be filled every time he is inside her. She thirsts for more, and she wants more. And nothing and no one can stop her from getting what she wants, even her loving and kind husband.

Trying to quench the void inside her, she takes on a path of no return and reconnects to her ex-ghost lover, William. The ecstasy he can give her every single time they make love brings unfathomable satisfaction her husband can never offer her. Her longing for heights of ecstatic sex escapade can only be satisfied by him, and it is a horrible truth she willingly accepts. Though she was sexually tormented and violently raped by William, it seems none of those no longer matter, she wants him, and he wants her. Together, they make rendezvous in the secrets of her bedroom.

Everything turns upside down when she chooses lust and completely discards her morality. She is no longer the same, caring, and loving mother of her two gifted children. She becomes savage and ravaged, and a slave for frenzied sex. When she thought she was powerful enough to take control of her abusive ghostly lover, she thought wrong. Her false confidence in her magical power leads to her own destruction. Nothing in this world is left unpaid. Everything comes with a price.

Frank Tropea, through his book, The Avenging Angel, will never leave you hanging in this stimulating and out-of-this-world forbidden love affair between a nymphomaniac witch and demonic ghost from the depth of hell. He is bound to take you on a ride of your darkest fantasy, so get ready. 


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Pub Date: September 30, 2020
Page Count: 182
Publisher: Frank Tropea
Review Posted Online: September 30, 2020
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: March 2, 2021
Categories: Literature & Fiction > Horror

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