The Never Ending Fall

The pursuit of happiness and love is as old as mankind and Susan Watson is not afraid to tread the waters and dive deep into this universal                     human condition to bring them to her eager reading audience.

Maddie Quinn finds herself in an unhappy marriage with a husband who cares only about himself and not even of their children, Adam III and Sophie. She has to work at the Fox and Hound Inn as a waitress to augment the family income but in so doing leaves her young teenagers to themselves as she works the hours. She continues to get estranged from her husband, Adam, and after a few years of getting to know, wealthy businessman, Jason Granger, she falls in love and decides to divorce Adam II and marry Jason. Her children approve of the divorce and express their desire to be with her and not their father. They go on a trip to their grandparents’ home where Jason asks for Maddie’s hand in marriage. Jason is in a similar marital situation with his wife Pat and has been wanting out for years. He looks forward to his daughter Loretta’s husband, Johnathon to help with the business he established.

Maddie and Jason are hoping for a second chance at love. Both see the good in each other and have found tender love for one another. Maddie knows of Jason as a formidable person and an impressive businessman while Jason admires Maddie’s beauty, “sophistication, and kindness”. The union of their two families is filled with the excitement of starting over and moving on to a better life.

Will our two seemingly well-deserving characters finally find the bliss that they desire or will it be a never-ending fall?

Watson in this surrealistic romance accomplishes to send a message of hope to those who may be contemplating the possibility of loving again – that you deserve to be truly loved and beloved the second time around. Many would still dream of such a chance and Watson has fleshed it out so vividly in Maddie and Jason’s love affair. It is not easy to go down that road, especially when love and marriage after having experienced a first one, mostly an undesirable one, can have their share of mental and emotional baggage. It can be beset with issues of anxiety, acceptance, and blended family struggles – Loretta in particular is not akin to the new union. Besides that, the reality of today’s world and the evil schemers that haunt it can bring down any tight relationship even more. How does one know that they’re not making the same mistake or of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire? Is it really worth risking your heart only to be broken again?

Watson is asking you in this picturesque yet realistic tale. Are you even ready for a never-ending fall? This is the book that has been written especially for you.

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Pub Date: November 6, 2020
Page Count: 203
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Review Posted Online: November 6, 2020
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: July 27, 2021
Category: Love & Romance

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