The New Patriots

  Being a soldier is never an easy task. Your life is always on the line, away from your loved ones. All in the name of your country, and for your fellow men’s safety. But do you ever wonder what a soldier’s life was like after the war? The New Patriots, a coming-of-age documentary by Peter Ilich, uncovers the truth of our brave soldiers, facing their life’s battles.

The New Patriots is a documentary that follows three war veterans — Timothy Turane, Johan Dominique, and Donny McKay — as they recall their experiences before, during, and after deployment. They began by discussing how they came to the decision to join the military. Some were motivated by a family member, while others were born into a family of soldiers. Their origin stories were similar to those of other soldiers, although some had different reasons. Each of them reminisces about their experiences throughout missions, particularly in Afghanistan. A soldier’s life in a foreign country during a war was perilous. They may be living one day, but they may not the next day.

They shared some amusing stories in addition to their challenges. Like how these Afghans were taken aback when they saw black soldiers, and how the place did appear. They went there not just to fight, but also to help in the rebuilding of these people’s lives. They are war victims, and at some point, the troops felt the same way—they wanted to keep their families safe and reclaim their homeland’s freedom. People in Afghanistan are still terrified of how the Taliban ruled their country at this time. Those sections of the documentary will warm your heart as you realize how fortunate you are to live in a country free of war.

The documentary is indeed eye-opening, and Peter Ilich was extremely courageous in taking on this subject and turning it into a film. After their deployments, he exposed the life of a military veteran. It was apparent that a part of them had changed when they returned home. But what’s tragic is that these heroes weren’t always recognized correctly for putting their life on the line for their country. Unfortunately, some military veterans have become homeless, and some are unable to cope with the trauma.

This is a fantastic film that everyone should watch. Ilich will open your eyes and hearts, as well as fuel your awareness of subjects that are rarely talked about openly. The military veterans were likewise courageous in sharing their experiences with us. Sometimes, we do take advantage of the peace and safety these soldiers are bringing to us, and we fail to even notice their own struggles. When you press the play button, you’ll quickly be hooked, and in a short period of time, you’ll have a new perspective on our country’s peacemakers. This is a superb piece of work that ought to be seen by more people.

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Pub Date:  2020

Director: Peter Ilich  
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: February 23, 2022
Category: Documentary

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