Thy Kingdom Come

Nothing can ever be as thought-provoking and intellectual as a book that is thoroughly researched with solid arguments, backgrounds,                        evidence, and methods that can be more than satisfying to those who read it. This is persuasively and impressively written, compelling to read, and holds a valuable contribution to the advancement of Theological study – particularly in Christianity.

In an attempt to explain and interpret correctly the Book of Revelation specifically in the prophecy of Daniel and John and the apocalyptic horsemen of the seven seals, the author presents his major arguments through historicism and hermeneutics which must be strictly in adherence to the historical-grammatical interpretation, and by disproving and reconciling previous historicists and dispensationalists’ views.

The purpose of this book however is to show that the events can be easily evident and visible as the apocalyptic horsemen when the seven seals are properly placed on the Hebraic cultic calendar. Through progressive historicism, the Book of Revelation as re-evaluated paralleled the prophecies and illustrations of the seven seals in our modern-day market-driven society, the wounding of the papacy, the prophetic era of the Laodicean church, and John’s use of recapitulation as it humbly transpired than traditionalist’s view.

Though there were many differing views in the presuppositions of Dispensationalism, Covenantalism, Calvinism, Protestantism, Preterists, and Futurists, etc., it does not discourage the fact that true progressive revelation maintains concurrence with the historical-grammatical perception and presupposing the latter’s hegemony results in true correspondence between the Old and New Testaments; and thereby increasing our understanding as to what the prophecies really meant.

Jerry Huerta undoubtedly did a great job in displaying a detailed grasp and strong arguments of the complexities of interpreting the Book of Revelation. 

A real scholarly work, intriguing, and phenomenal read! Who knows, by reading this you can pinpoint the second coming of Christ? 

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Pub Date: December 28, 2018
Page Count: 271
Publisher: iUniverse
Review Posted Online: December 28, 2018
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: March 2, 2021
Categories: Religion & Spirituality

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