Woodlawn Giants

Home is where the heart is, and this is what this narrative has proven to its readers. A person’s heart will always look back to his memories while growing up, and this is what Robert Williams had generously given us. Woodlawn Giants is an entertaining recount of his early memories giving us light on what life is and all the lessons it could bring.

Woodlawn Giants is about Robert Williams’ personal experiences as a child. Living his childhood in the 60s is a totally different experience from the present. He even mentioned it a couple of times in the story—how today’s children spend their time. Williams has an amazing neighborhood, as he shared. People were very compassionate towards one another and treated everyone as if they were family. Each chapter of his book contains entertaining anecdotes about his childhood. Some were about their daredevil and death-defying stunts, which ended up sometimes good and most of the time in accidents. The characters in his narrative will also make a mark, especially those lessons they imparted to young Bobby, which he will impart to the generations after him.

Apart from entertaining, Woodlawn Giants by Robert Williams will also make you laugh. The way this book invites readers to get emotional while they read it has particularly struck me. Woodlawn Giants is an excellent representation of what real childhood is like. That childhood should be spent having fun with your friends, making memories, doing whatever comes to mind, no matter how foolish it may seem, and savoring every moment. The first-person narration made a more personal connection with the readers in a way that the speaker talks to a friend. The narrative felt like walking down a memory lane, and even reflecting on your own childhood memories. Reading the story makes you see the happy memories that they had as children. It was like returning back to your own home, where you try a lot of things with little to no worries about what will happen next. What matters is that you enjoyed it and if you fail, you will just get up again. Williams’ story is a story of everyone. He did an excellent job of reminding his readers of what life was like before, with all of the happiness and lessons it provided. Life is beautiful even with all the changes happening around the world, but there is nothing wrong with recalling the younger you.

But just like in any other story, the main characters grow up. And in this narrative, they do. They didn’t stay being children; they had the real world waiting for them, but the people around them made sure that they were armored enough to survive. Childhood memories are those treasured moments that we keep and recall whenever things seem a little bit harder. Looking back, it will let you feel the happiness and simplicity of life again. You may not be in the same place where you grew up and you’re not with the same people, but these memories will stay. In life, people come and go. No matter how badly we want them in our lives to stay, life will have its way of taking them away from us. But memories live forever, and that is what we treasure most.

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Pub Date: September 24, 2021
Page Count: 131 
Review Posted Online: September 24, 2022

Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: June 27, 2022

Category: Autobiography, Memoir

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