Our Self-Assembling Universe, An OSAU-2 AWTbook™


his book is a compilation of ideas, facts, and information from the author covering a variety of themes such as the wonders of quantum mechanics, astrophysics, human anatomy, our Sun, the speed of light, nuclear physics, cosmology, etc.  Among the key characters of the narrative, H. Frank Gaertner presents his own study as to how these sciences link to each other to form the theory of how our universe assembles everything on its own. He constructed vivid, clear, and concise proofs, equations, examples, and experiments with a mix of humor for everyone to learn and enjoy.

I think that students of both Math and Physics will find this book profitable as well as all those who love to obtain new information about the wonders of Our Universe. Reading this book was both enlightening and enjoyable. The realizations from the wise ponderings it induced were nothing short of extraordinary. H. Frank Gaertner is indeed a talented author who fascinates his readers with his wit, humor, boldness, skills, and passion.

What are your greatest challenges in writing this book?

The greatest challenge was the initial one that confronted me in 2015.  A rainbow, and what amounted to a posthypnotic command, had just handed me a profound revelation, “Holy Yikes! Atoms, on their own, have been inventing and making everything since the beginning of time!! Our universe is actually assembling itself!!!”  I had to come up with a way to get my hands and head around this concept. And I had been specifically summand and oddly directed by a rainbow to explore a drugstore to find a special object that only the rainbow must have known could be found therein.  For it was just before I was about to leave the drugstore in defeat, not having found what I didn’t know I was looking for, there they were!  Hanging from a shelf in the drugstore’s deodorant isle there were the perfect objects I would need to model a universe assembling itself – orange and white ping-pong balls!

How long did it take you to write this book and how did you come up with the title “Our Self-Assembling Universe”?

After I got my hands on the orange and white ping pong balls, it was as though the atoms that these ping-pong balls represented had begun to write the 2015 edition themselves.  In other words it was as though the theme and the means needed to go along with the theme of the first edition were handed to me by the very atoms that had self-assembled me.  The title, Our Self Assembling Universe was inspired by that rainbow and the high likelihood that Our Universe is just that, ours. Our Universe is very likely a universe among many, maybe even an unthinkable, infinite many. This second 2022 edition just came about by a desire on my part to correct a few errors that occurred in the first edition.  But then I got excited.  It seemed my atoms were not done with me and were now trying to tell me something more. With their help I started to explain to myself a few of the quantum mysteries that I had stumbled upon since 2015 and I suddenly decided to include those findings in an extensive Preface in the republished 2022 version. And, as it happened, while I was writing the second edition I also stumbled upon a YouTube video called “Your Body’s Molecular Machines” by Dr. Derek Muller featured on Derek’s Veritasium.com website. It was this AMAZING video that led me to the idea that I could format this entire new edition with YouTube and other voice-activated links that could clarify all the complex things to which I referred as I wrote. Go ahead.  Try it for yourself right now.  Just say, “Hey Siri, or Hey Alexa or Hey Google”, and then say “YouTube, Your Body’s Molecular Machines” and watch as this six minute video knocks you socks off!  For me, with this video, the light bulbs went off and it suddenly occurred to me that I was onto something big and brand new for which I could create a brand that I could call an AWTbook™.  Obviously, anybody can write such a book and maybe others have already come close. But, I think my approach is unique and by creating a brand for my creation, I think I can get a publisher or publishers to help me maintain a high quality for those wishing to actually publish their own such book under the AWTbook™ brand.

What was the hardest topic/subject to write in this book?

The parts about the nature of light and energy still represent big questions and how consciousness and information play into Einstein’s E=mc2 equation are, as far as I know, hard problems and unanswered mysteries.

How was your experience in writing this book? 

It was possibly the most fun I’ve ever had writing something, inventing something and learning something new.


Was there a moment in your life wherein your ideas and beliefs were also challenged? What was it?

That is a BIG question. My ideas about “who, when, why and where I am I?” are front and center in that question.  At least the meaning of life for me is a settled thing. It’s clear to me that the meaning of life is all about entertainment.  Love, beauty, hate, death, destruction, etc. are not but details. They are all “entertaining”. What one does with one’s aliveness is up to each of us.  I think doing good things is a good way to live. But, however it goes, it’s all a form of entertainment and entertainment simply answers the big, terrifying question, “what else is there to do when one is trapped in eternity?”  I think all of us, are taking part in the solution to The Forever Problem. We are in an infinite system that is designed to be forever-entertaining. There is no doubt that consciousness exists.  We are all evidence of that fact.  And we already enjoy virtual reality as a form of entertainment. When we, or some other Ai-facilitated life-form in Our Universe, learn to extend life to 1000-plus years or more, what will we or it do with all the infinite time of living forever that might lie ahead? There are those who think that we are in a simulation, maybe even in a hologram. Popular movies have already been made about such a thing. I’m just saying. What do you think?

How did you get the idea to include audio-visuals in your book as references?

 The AWTbook™ is a huge breakthrough in my opinion, and it came to me in an early morning dream-like-state the day after I had watched Derek Muller’s video.

Include the following sentences: I say “AWTbook(tm) and Our Self Assembling Universe”. You say, “What are they?” and I respond, “Go ahead See it for yourself! Try It! Experience an AWTbook(tm) right now as we speak!” To your mobile phone just say. “Hey Siri”, “Hey Google” or “Hey Alexal” Then say “YouTube, Powers of Ten 1977 And then, after watching that miracle, watch as the Magic Happens when you say. “Hey Phone”! “YouTube, Your Body’s Molecular Machines!”

Aside from teaching and writing, what other activities do you enjoy? 

I love learning and sharing my ideas and what I learn with others. I love to improvise on the piano using melodic lines from famous composers backed by my own combinations of ninths, twelfths and thirteenth cords.  I love to play Scrabble and have written five illustrated books on the subject.  I love to walk/jog/run/listen during the five-mile course that I take my now 84-yr old body on most every morning. I love Bach and movies with great sound tracks and visuals.  “Gravity and Avatar” come to mind. I love walking with my wife on the beach.  I love to watch my children grow, excel and lead exciting lives. I love to laugh and I love the fact that the best belly laughs mostly come at my own expense. I love the “Big Bear Eagles Nest Live Cam”.

What does literary success look like to you?

 Writing something that makes a positive difference in the lives of others.

Among the greatest scientists, astrophysicists, philosophers and more that you have mentioned and haven’t mentioned in the book, who is your greatest inspiration?

Kary Bank Mullis, the surfer dude who invented PCR.  I could have been the inventor in 1968, but did I follow up on my discovery of in vitro protein synthesis at high temperatures. NO I DIDN’T!  Did anybody else manifest Kary’s simple idea? NO THEY DIDN’T!  Are there other simple, great ideas that others are missing?  YES THERE ARE!  Is the AWTbook™ one of those ideas?  YES IT IS!!

Do you want this book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book? 

There is OSAU-1.  It had a few errors in it which inspired the current 2022 edition, OSAU-2, with its brand new idea of an AWTbook™. So yes, I think an OSAU-3 could manifest itself.

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