Tina Harmon Unearthed The Reality of How A Mental Illness Shattered Her Once Vivid Home

Tina Harmon Unearthed The Reality of How A Mental Illness Shattered Her Once Vivid Home.

Courageous and exceptional, few of the adjectives I can describe Tina Harmon in how she dealt with her disheartening and depressing upbringing. Those Voices: The Demons in Mom’s Mind immerses us in the dark reality of how a mental illness can be devastating and life-threatening to the sufferer while providing awareness for people to grasp that it’s not something to be scoffed at but rather something to be taken seriously. Tina Harmon openly shared her experiences dealing with her mom’s mental illness, and through this book, she explicitly gives us a vision of why we must be more sensitive to the victims and their families.

Those Voices: The Demons in Mom’s Mind is Tina Harmon’s first book, and it was already so special and outstanding. Today, Harmon has been married for thirty-three years and counting with her lovely and understanding husband, has two children, and six grandchildren and counting. She has a master’s degree in education in which she serves the local school district. What’s noteworthy is that her obligation extends beyond her mother, as she assists pupils with special needs or those who are mentally challenged in receiving the appropriate education. Tina Harmon is indeed brave and is an inspiration for the many others who suffer the same.

Who or what influenced your decision to write Those Voices: The Demons in Mom’s Mind?

My mom influenced me to write the memoir.  She was a great person despite her sickness and the evilness that it brought to her life.

What is your most vivid memory, and how has it shaped your life?

The most vivid memory was the day I realized that my mom was mentally ill.  I was so upset and confused but being at that mental institution made it a scary reality.   That moment helped to shape the empathetic person that I am today.  

 How long did it take you to write this book, and why did you choose the title “Those Voices: The Demons in Mom’s Mind“?

It took me about 10 years to write it because every time I put a few more words on the paper it would stir up memories that I had a hard time dealing with.  I chose the title because only the devil himself could do to my mom the things that happened to her. 

 What specific insights or objectives do you wish your readers to acquire or accomplish?

I want people to realize that however bizarre things appear to you doesn’t make them unreal to the person who is having the experience.

Are you considering writing another book? If yes, what would the subject be?

I have a book I’m working on about young love and deception.

How hard is it to deal with the fact that, at an early age, you needed to act like the oldest sister for your siblings?

Early in life I resented it. I felt robbed of my childhood.  Now I know that God put me there for the sake of my brothers and my mother. 

 Is there a point in your life when you considered giving up on your mother, and if so, what may be the reason?

I did. when I turned 18 I joined the Army. I felt that I could leave the situation and let someone else handle it. That didn’t happen I always had to return back to support my grandmother with my mom. I felt like she had consumed my entire life.

 If you had the chance to change one moment in time, what would it be and why?

The day my mom became ill. I would have remained a child as long as I could.  I would not have lost years with my best friend. 

What is your message to those who have families suffering from mental illnesses?

Be patient and kind as well as well as be an advocate. 

Could you provide a quick synopsis of your book and what makes it unique? 

Mental illness is strange. Every person that is plagued with mental illness experiences unnatural thoughts and visions that are real to them. This book takes you on a journey through the mind of a person with schizophrenia who is also paranoid and suicidal. 

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