Life is full of imperfection. No one in this world will be able to prove their perfection. We are flawed creatures, and beauty is something                    that we can identify in us and on others because of these imperfections and flaws. Society is never a credible entity to judge of one’s true beauty. 

Gordon Bostic covered and conveyed these imperfections through his fifth book, A Celebration of Humanity. It is a poetic interpretation of uniqueness and differences in our humanity, and that is where true beauty lies. No one can deny the powerful impact of his book on the human race. Imperfect and flawed as we are, he tried his best to present a reality that each one of us has equal rights and opportunities with life all have to offer despite the normalcy standard created by the kind of society we dwell in.  

Life, as it is, is full of pain and miseries that most of the time the celebration of our humanity is overlooked. We settle for what other people tell or what society dictates. We settle for what’s what is left, the remnant of this wicked world.  We try to stay silent and quiet thinking that leftover is all we deserve, but we know more than that. We know very well that we deserve more than we can imagine.  

Kris and Bryce as the main characters of this poetic narrative served as an example of how true love can overcome differences and imperfections. Despite their uncertainties and confusion towards one another, they took a leap of faith in opening their hearts with all their vulnerabilities. Embracing the past and present versions of themselves, they look straightforward on what the future in store for them. Accepting and trusting each other, they both embark on the uncertainties of life.  

A Celebration of Humanity is a masterpiece and a gift to humanity. Boston gifted us a story that will always remind us of our true beauty and worth, and that we are of value and never a worthless being. Regardless of our physical appearance and our dark past, it is our hearts that matter the most. It is what we keep in our hearts that define us and in-store only good and edifying thoughts. Life is too short to let yourself down, have the courage to be you, and celebrate the numbered days of your life. Be not afraid to be you and act with kindness to everyone.  

Gordon Bostic’s words discipline and edify our corrupted hearts in this world of injustice, his book, A Celebration of Humanity, is the healing we all need.    

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Pub Date: July 29, 2020
Page Count: 112
Publisher: Newman Springs Publishing Inc.
Review Posted Online: February 23, 2021
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: February 23, 2021
Categories: Health, Family & Personal Development

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