A Pie to Die For

Certain that an unfamiliar face on the island harbors ill intentions, a proprietor of a pastry shop urges authorities to scrutinize him, risking her reputation in the process.

As the offseason approaches, Este March readies herself for the quiet period on Split Pine Island in the chilly reaches of northern Michigan. With November looming and the weather turning cold, the island shuts its doors to all but its inhabitants. This signals the last chance for tourists to savor the delectable offerings of her family’s renowned Lucky Pie Diner, celebrated for its pies rumored to bring luck through a special recipe. Naturally, visitors clamor for one final taste of fortune before the hiatus ends with the arrival of summer. However, Este’s preparations for the impending closure are disrupted when her usual produce supplier, Denny McAvoy, fails to deliver the latest shipment from Evergreen Produce. Instead, a newcomer named Jeff Kelly arrives, offering inferior produce at exorbitant prices and notably lacking in strawberries. Despite her efforts to maintain a positive outlook, tensions escalate when Jeff is discovered dead aboard a boat, leading Este to speculate that she might not be the sole individual he managed to antagonize. She becomes convinced that Mick Gorley, a non-local resident, played a role in Jeff’s demise, citing his dubious housing arrangements as evidence of potential illicit activities. Despite her attempts to persuade Sheriff Tom Cunningham of Mick’s culpability, Este’s involvement in the case casts suspicion upon her, transforming her from a concerned citizen into a prime suspect. As she contemplates her predicament, she considers partaking in a slice of her fabled lucky pie to ward off the looming threat of being implicated in Jeff’s murder.

An enticing confection for enthusiasts of mystery seeking a lighter fare.

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Author: Gretchen Rue 

Page Count: 310

Rating: 4.8 Stars

Reviewer: Mary Owens

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