Adventures of Moti, A Birdie in a Box: Book 7: Youngest Meets The Oldest


Spectacular and imaginative, how brilliant is the author to ever weave such a beautiful work of art. You will be astounded by all the revelations and surprises this tale contains while also finding yourself admiring the charming and kind-hearted characters. Ganti’s writing ability and creativity would make you venture into a fascinating realm of fiction. In the book, Adventures of Moti, A Birdie in a box: Book 7: Youngest meets the Oldest, the author delivers additional entertaining adventures and life-altering realizations that will keep you in marvel.

The adventure of Moti in this book began when she visited a nearby park with the family. You can really sense the pureness of a young’s heart as Moti did not hesitate to help vulnerable Canadian geese. It was chased by a vicious canine that was quenching over such helpless and frightened geese. The baby goose was too overwhelmed by the onslaught coming on its way, making her body cease functioning and lose its capacity to fly. The courageous Moti rushed to the atrocious dog and began distracting it to protect the geese while its companion, Chapal the doe, hurried towards the baby gosling, and both fled from that horrible circumstance.

It was only the start of its numerous adventures as it was about to meet more tough hurdles along the route. Moti and Chapal exemplify the essence of friendship and support by being constantly there for one another and even for others. They immediately became friends with the flock of geese they just helped. They meet daily and fly with them, a really adorable bonding and heartwarming moment that would captivate all your senses.

However, while on a leisure trip with the flock, a certain hailstorm has brought Moti and them apart. They parted ways as a result of this impediment and drifted away to a distant island. Just as we thought life couldn’t get worse, another horrific encounter was on its way for the little birdie. A ferocious crocodile lurked nearby, eager to devour and rend her corpse to shreds. Maurice the hawk, her companion, arrived and noticed Moti was in danger; nevertheless, she was fortunate enough to save the little birdie.

This tale is so gripping and illuminating that it not only entertains the readers but also teaches them to be brave and sympathetic toward their friends and those in need. You will find yourself adoring the personalities contained therein and flabbergasted at the author’s ability to create characters who are both endearing and insightful. The Adventures of Moti, A Birdie in a Box was incredibly poignant and compelling, embracing themes of love, friendship, and bravery that will astonish you.

A really illuminating narrative of Moti that transcends and supersedes. It teaches the young ones the right virtues that they can emulate from the alluring and lovable characters found within. Prepare yourself or your young loved ones to embark on an edifying voyage towards the life of a little birdie, Moti, and empty yourself of fear as the book progressively strengthens your inner strength.

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Pub Date: October 10, 2021
Page Count:‎ 61
Publisher:‎ Westwood Books Publishing; 1st edition (October 10, 2021)
Review Posted Online: April 19, 2022
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: April 19, 2022
Category: Love, Bravery, Self help, Children’s book, Friendship