Adventures of Moti: An Exuberant Prose by Satyanarayana Ganti That Reestablish The Spirit of Friendship

Heartwarming, sweet, and enlightening are all precise qualities that might be used to characterize this novel. It’s vibrant with youthful characters and marvelous adventures that you’ll not just admire but also learn from. Adventures of Moti, A Birdie in a box: Book 7: Youngest meets the Oldest by Satyanarayana Ganti is a work of fiction that will explore you into a wondrous fictitious world of Moti and let you witness how it confronts certain adversities in life. It was humorously written yet also profound, disseminating lessons for readers to grasp.

Satyanarayana Ganti shows his prowess as a children’s book author with his multiple adaptations of the Adventures of Moti — Book 1 through 6: A Hop from Hyderabad, India to New Jersey, USA; Moti’s New Adventure: A Romp in the Snow; Moti’s New Adventure: Night Out Becomes A Blackout Night; Moti’s New Adventure: A Flight to Liberty Bell; Liberty Bell To The Statue Of Liberty; Moti’s New Adventure. Moti Goes To Bat; also, in this one, Youngest meets the Oldest. Each of these books exhibits excellence and was superbly authored by Ganti’s astute and creative mind. They are all brimming with beautiful adventures and are highly captivating, exceeding your expectations in every way.

How is this book so precious to you?

This series of books is developed from my close association with my granddaughter and at her request, I began to think about a storyline. It was incidental that we received a package of pickles from Hyderabad that gave me the idea of getting a chick to come over to New Jersey in a box of pickles. It started the chain of thoughts as to how is it possible for the birdie to survive and the role of the particular month following the festival of lights. The day of her birth matches that of my late wife and so the series is doubly precious to me and my granddaughter.

What are your intentions in writing this book?

We wanted to create a series of books similar to the ones I was reading to the young granddaughter. Most of the books I was reading or shows she was watching showed magical events. I created one that could attract her and young readers of her age.

What inspires you to create a fictional book?

Reading children’s books gave an inspiration to create one and instead of becoming a ‘one book’ event as planned, it went on to become a series.

If you could change one moment in time, what would you change and why?

I do not know.

Do you think readers would find insights from your books? Specify one or two insights they can gain.

I would like my readers to believe anyone can help in a time of crisis whether a small animal like the baby chipmunk as in Book 2 or the powerful one like the Maurice the Hawk in Book 4. The stories have been interspersed with Hindu Mythology stories where an ordinary human conquers the fear of death.

Are you planning to write other books? If yes, would you mind providing a short description of what it would be?

Book 8 has just been released and it is about the birdie’s experience in Canada where she was narrowly saved from drinking toxic water in a tailing pond created during the processing of oil sands. The book tries to highlight the environmental damage caused by the process. This is to make the children aware of these situations. I am now writing two more books in the series; Book 9 trying to show the impact of COVID 19 and Book 10 is about the return of the two crow brothers and Moti back to India.

How is Moti’s appearance in this story relevant to your life?

I do not know.

What are your most significant accomplishments in life?

I am a scientist and hence my accomplishments alone are very significant. I am protecting the environment from spills through environment-friendly bioremediation products. I was awarded a patent recently and I hope this will contribute to preventing the current environmental damage in a meaningful manner. I would not like to talk about myself but your question leads me to that.

Among the characters in your book, which among the characters do you identify with and why?

Moti of course. This weak chick that came to a foreign land makes more friends than she would in Hyderabad. I am also striving to do the same here where I migrated from Hyderabad, India long ago.

Have you ever tried falling in life? How did you stand up again?


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