Dollygal, Peacock and the Serpent – The Awakening

Love has the power to make everything possible. It is limitless and eternal. It has the power to cleanse the globe of all negativities. The story of Dollygal, Peacock and the Serpent showed how love could bring people together despite their differences. Darlene Cannon shared a narrative that will warm the hearts of everyone of all ages.

Dollygal appears to be a regular young girl, but she is also the gift, with her innocent and fun demeanor. She made it possible to assist individuals while also bringing their towns together. Peacock and Serpent, two of her brothers, live in a castle with her. Her two brothers are completely contradictory to one another. Serpent is the strict one, whereas Peacock is the soft and kind brother. Despite it all, they both showed profound affection and concern for Dollygal. Everyone in their castle, even the close town, adores Dollygal, and she returns the love. She is love, and she carries love with her wherever she goes. Behind this tranquillity that they feel, darkness is just looking right behind them. Lazlo will do anything to overpower love with fear.

Darlene Cannon outdid all present children’s stories in the market today. The characters, the plot, and the message of this book will definitely stay with every reader. There’s a touch of warmth and innocence in the story. It is admirable to read something that will teach you valuable lessons such as hope and positivity. It is important that children learn the value of faith at a young age, as well as the acceptance of who they really are.

This book is particularly inspiring since it takes us closer to our life’s goal, which is to serve and live as much as possible with love. It also helps readers to visualize the story’s settings and all of the magical elements. The story’s characters are as vibrant as the scenery. It’s an excellent method to show kids that individuals like these really exist in real life. Despite their differences, people may still come together for the common cause of peace.

This book is essential reading for all ages, and it is especially suggested for youngsters. It is not only age-appropriate, but it also contains several lessons that students must learn. It’s ideal for young and old readers alike. It maintained a pleasant tone throughout the tale, even in the most dramatic passages. The tone of the entire narrative was cheerful and bright throughout, never becoming heavy with sadness or confusing passages. With all that is going on in the world, people need to take a step back and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Take a deep breath and reflect.

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Pub Date: February 25, 2021

Page Count:‎ 75
Publisher:‎ Austin Macauley Publishers LLC (February 25, 2021)
Review Posted Online: April 20, 2022
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: April 20, 2022
Category: Love, Bravery, Self help, Children’s book, Friendship

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