Eowulf: Of Monsters & Middle School

The boundaries between allies and adversaries become indistinct for a youthful descendant of Beowulf as she confronts monstrous threats to her suburban community in New Jersey.

Within this illustrated narrative derived from Cavallaro’s Nico Bravo series, Eowulf Wegmund, a fiery-haired hunter of monsters, relishes both battling supernatural adversaries in reality and engaging in tabletop role-playing games with her companions. Upon witnessing the aloof Amadeus Hornburg being harassed at school, she extends a hand of friendship to him. Despite warnings from her parents about associating with someone from the Hornburg lineage and disapproval from her gaming clique, Eowulf forges ahead with her newfound bond. Yet, she senses a veil of secrecy surrounding those closest to her, though her apprehensions must take a backseat when marauding monsters descend upon her tranquil suburban neighborhood. Armed with her trusty sentient blade, Roger, she thrusts herself into the fray, only to grapple with the blurred lines of allegiance: Who can she truly rely on? This fresh series strikes a chord with its intricate orchestration of adolescent turmoil; Eowulf’s intuitive awareness of underlying mysteries, coupled with her unfiltered impulsiveness, renders her a protagonist universally relatable and endearing. Dynamic, vibrant illustrations drive the narrative forward, while Yeom’s skillful coloring imbues the thrilling skirmishes with an electrifying intensity on the page. Fans of Nico Bravo will delight in subtle references to the trilogy sprinkled throughout, and the cunning, cliffhanging conclusion is sure to ensnare readers of all ages. Eowulf’s world reflects diversity; the supporting characters exhibit a range of racial backgrounds.

A flawlessly executed narrative of camaraderie and fantastical adversaries. (Fantasy graphic novel. 8-12)

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Author: Mike Cavallaro 

Page Count: 224

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewer: Mary Owens

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