From Africa With Love

For eight years, two hearts were still beating for each other. No matter how far the distance between two continents, if it’s true love, then it                 will always find its way back. Courtney Alexander Williams’s heartwarming novel, ‘From Africa With Love’ portrays the best cultural beauty of Senegal, Africa, and its struggles the main characters’ dilemmas, the clash of each other’s family, and of course, a one-of-a-kind love story. All of these are more than enough for the readers to have their hearts melt.

With Abdalla Ndao back to his motherland in Casamance to settle his family’s ancestral lands as the rightful owners, he contacts his long-time sweetheart from high school, Nowace Waldo, who is now a teacher. Both finally meet after eight long years of being apart. Unbeknownst to Abdalla, Nowace had been sending him a letter every month, but none of them reached him. He had planned on only a few days trip to settle the case, but while staying at Waldo’s family’s house, they were becoming reacquainted.

The case’s final outcome hadn’t been decided yet, forcing Abdalla to return whenever it was necessary to resolve the case. Before leaving New York, the two had pledged their love for each other, otherwise, Nowace was resigned to die a virgin rather than to see another man. Coincidently, Mr. Waldo, Nowace’s father, seems to have involvement in the Ndao family’s land being seized by the government.

While the two worlds separated them, their communications didn’t stop. And when Abdalla finally asks Nowace to marry, he proclaims, “You will not die a virgin!” 

Nowace was pleased with the offer and acceptance, and her mother Nontondo was supportive of her daughter’s relationship.

Although his relationship had accelerated, his business plans weren’t developing to his advantage. There was trouble securing funding for his documentary film, and now, he had to deal with his upcoming marriage.

After adopting a son together, Chike, and Nowace’s pregnancy with their twins, the day of their marriage finally arrived. Before the ceremony’s conclusion, Mr. Waldo finally shows up and apologizes to the Ndao family for his jealousy, selfishness, and for having intercepted the letters sent by Abdalla to his daughter. Mr. Waldo is forgiven and the two families are united. 

Shortly after Abdalla presents his long-awaited documentary film, ‘Faithful Bothers?’ many investors become interested and make financial offers.  Abdalla has all the support to make it a feature – a dream come true. Finally, the married couple seems to have a bright future ahead, but no one really knows its certainty.

Courtney Alexander Williams has created a compelling novel that is impossible to put down, even while you fall in love with the characters. This is a more than satisfying read!

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Pub Date: October 29, 2020
ISBN-10: 1642982091
Page Count: 246
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc
Review Posted Online: October 29, 2020
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: April 29, 2021
Categories: Love & Romance

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