Our Self-Assembling Universe, An OSAU-2 AWTbook™ by H. Frank Gaertner, Unlocks the Mystery of Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, and Cosmology

Beauty can be found in any book that pours forth from an author’s soul. Numerous revelations can be experienced when reading such a book no matter its context. But Our Self-Assembling Universe-2 introduces a surprisingly new, impactful context that abounds in mind-blowing revelations. With uniquely humorous thought-provoking content, H. Frank Gaertner’s new work is conveyed with intelligent discussion and thought provoking design. My mind was really stirred up by the author’s novel way of thinking and by his intriguing concepts. As someone who has read books for more than half of my life, I can confidently say that this is a feat not many authors achieve. Frank is a marvelous author who has produced something that’s truly unique in literature. His book will even introduce you to recently discovered scientific facts that relate to quantum mechanics, astrophysics, biochemistry, nuclear physics, the properties of light and the all-important alpha-particle. But, best of all, we finally get to have a brand new, clear, literary, audio/visual, tactile experience that lets us not only see but actually feel as we read how our universe assembles itself. The author’s new, highly original, AWTbook™ format is the key to it all with its voice-activated references to Audible, Website and YouTube video links that bring instant understanding to complex scientific theories and proven concepts. Moreover, thanks to the author’s imaginative use of ping-pong balls and his new-age use of cell-phones, tablets, computers, and smart-TVs, OSAU-2’s new, literary art-form brings life to every atom in our universe by making them tangible and by making it inescapably clear that atoms are marvelous atomic nanobots that have built our universe from scratch like an enormous self-assembling Lego Set. The sheer amount of knowledge one can obtain by reading this book may go well beyond any other that you have read. But the author’s approach makes its seemingly overwhelming scope within reach of everyone including, according to the author, the youngest and oldest of readers. With gentle humor and careful discussion, from beginning to end, OSAU-2 is a package of research and science that is now, for the first time, easily understood as it opens one’s mind to the possibility of impossibility. Certainly, this book is comprehensively researched and powerfully written.  And even though I find books like this can be tedious and difficult to read due to complexity and scientific jargon, this book is distinct in that it delivers its content in compelling, easy to understand text mixed with humor and wonder.  In other words, the dullness and overwhelming aspects that one might otherwise expect from a work of this caliber are nicely avoided.

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Pub Date: December 5, 2015
Page Count: 52
Review Posted Online: December 5, 2015

Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: June 27, 2022

Category: Education, Science

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