The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Thousands of years ago, an innocent man was put on trial, paraded with a crown of thorns, and crucified to pay for the sin of men. He, who was innocent, died on the cross to give the gift of life. And He is the Son of the living God. Sean Garrett gave us the honor to relive the story of sacrifice and unconditional love from our savior in his deeply heartwarming book, The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The story begins with Pontius Pilate, the governor of Judea at the time. He was reliving the incidents while he was composing a report for the respected Roman King Tiberius Caesar. The Jewish High priests, Annas and Caiaphas, as well as a few others, wanted an audience with him. Because Jesus of Nazareth had committed blasphemy, these Jews sought to punish Him. They claimed that Jesus disobeyed their ancient beliefs by curing people on the Sabbath. Many people had come to see the marvels that Jesus had performed. Despite His good works, He was often hounded by the Jews, who claimed that everything He accomplished was against their gods.

Although many people have read the Bible and are aware of what occurred to Jesus Christ, not everyone is aware of the entire tale. Garrett not only recounted the events of one of the most significant religious events in history, but he also sparked a connection between the readers and Jesus in this book. This book has once again exposed the narrative of a sacrifice made for love, and no one will be unaffected by reading it.

Readers will have a deeper understanding of those events once they read this book. Even the perspective of some other characters were highlighted. Usually, the stories told were all about His sufferings. But here, even the dilemma of Pilate was emphasized and all emotions are heightened—Pilate for not following his judgment, these Jews who did not appreciate the good works of Jesus, and lastly, the sympathy for the Son of God. The whole experience provided by this book is unique. It is a book that ignites something deep in a person’s heart, particularly rekindling the connection with the Creator.

Sean Garrett’s The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is an excellent book for anyone who feels lost, particularly on their spiritual path. Remembering what Jesus did on the cross will undoubtedly cause you to consider your relationship with Him. This is the sort of book that you should read several times in your life.

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Pub Date:  December 12, 2013
Page Count: 212
Review Posted Online: October 14, 2019
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: May 27, 2022
Category: Self-Help, Faith, Bravery, Memoir

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