Leo and Susan Bates are looking for a new place to call home. John and Babette Wilkins are seeking solace from baby Gil’s passing.                        Jake and Marsha are rebuilding their lives after a fire. Without their knowing, their lives have been tied together for the building of The Warehouse of Gracetown.

The fairies Faith, Hope, Serenity, Passion, and Curiosity worry about God after Adam and Eve rejected His love in the garden. They came to Him with a proposal of finding new friends. Delighting in their empathy, God instead put them on a mission to find the right people to build a storehouse for the gifts and blessings. He was just waiting for people to ask from Him. The fairies went on their merry ways together with other fairies Grace, Wisdom, Courage, Agate, and the rest.

Born to Fred and Kari, Leo Bates has strong Seminole blood in him. He grows to be a believer like his grandparents Charles and E-no-la. God gifts him with his wife, Susan who also has a strong faith in God. With a steam-powered sawmill given by his father, he embarks on a journey with Susan and like destiny, lands in the Florida wilderness of the 19th century. The fairies are always close to Leo and Susan,  never leaving their side. The fairies are always thinking about their mission while taking note of the rules and limitations God pointed out to them while dealing with humans.

John Wilkins from Missouri knows about the Civil War and sets out to be a drummer boy. After returning home, John meets Miss Anne Marie who is the love of his life. Anne Marie’s sudden passing prompts John to travel with his mare Biddy to different places, including Arkansas and the Bayou country of Louisiana. He meets new friends in his life and marries Babette which means “My God is plentiful” in Hebrew. Babette gives birth to baby Gil who soon develops a rash that worsens and leads to his early demise. John remains steadfast in his faith in God amidst all the grief, sorrow, and pain. The fairies found another friend for God.

Jake and Marsha Kelly have settled in Florida before Leo and Susan but when their cabin burned down, they set out for a breath of fresh air. They find Leo and Susan nearby and not only found new friends but people to share their faith with and study the Bible with.

The fairies’ mission is coming to life and the Gracetown pioneers are growing their families with more children as blessings from God. With that growth, John recognizes the need for a bigger place for crops, timber, and a meeting place. With the fairies’ full support to the three pioneer builders, John finally announced, “There she be. That’s our storehouse.” That signals the beginning of The Warehouse and the spiritual history that unfolds generations later.

The shift from children’s books to The Warehouse is a strategic move for author Joyce Crawford, showing her versatility which highlights her ability to go deep and address a different audience. Still possessing the same playfulness and creative imagination Crawford weaves a novel emphasizing a God who respects humanity and never dictates but has generously given free will – and even a storehouse for His gifts and blessings.

Crawford’s primary strength is in her ability to turn something simple into a metamorphosis of its most extraordinary potential by revealing its cryptic meaning. This has been apparent in her previous literary masterpieces but especially so in her latest accomplishment. The story itself is beset with excitement, discovery, and magical moments. Crawford’s picturesque style of writing can take readers deep into the story and into greater heights.

With a passion for living and a love of life itself, Crawford is in her best element in The Warehouse.

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Pub Date: November 2, 2020
Page Count: 362
Publisher: The Vivien Wilhelmina Publishing Co., LLD
Review Posted Online: February 19, 2021
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: February 19, 2021
Categories: Historical Fiction

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