Variations on the Theme Galina Ustvolskaya

Music is indeed profound, and it’s something that connects to so many of us. Unbeknownst to so some, we do not know what goes                               behind the ordeal of creating music. Let alone the depth, passion, and sacrifices that most artists go through.

Learning about music, the soul, and the darkness of it, is what this is all about and as Semyon Bokman shares his life and his student-teacher/friendly relationship with one of the most profound and notable musical composers- in the name of Galina Ustvolskaya, we get to realize that there is more to it than creating, and a lot more about connecting. 

In this book, we also get to learn about the life of significant composers and musical geniuses. These famous musicians are continuing to grace us with their music even up to this time. We get to know why some compositions continue to fascinate us and will never get old as time passes. We get to understand that what Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Stravinsky unforgettable. The book somehow shares an insight that to be a genius in music is to be able to predict what might happen in the future. Thus, what you will be creating in your music will share a story to the listeners that will go on in time.

Galina, Semyon’s teacher, is also a wonderful example of what a notable, fascinating, and unique composer is all about. He had shared a lot about her personality, her relationship with her beloved, how she teaches and what makes her a dedicated musician among all others. We get to understand that it is for the love of music and not just about making and living life. It is also about understanding that to live the dream of becoming an artist, you have to make a lot of sacrifices to be able to make it.

Their relationship, in spite of it being friendly, was a love that may have turned into a wonderful and loving relationship too, if Galina and Semyon had the chance. Moreover, as Galina continues to influence Semyon’s music, we will also get to listen to how wonderful and fascinating Semyon has become as a musical composer himself. Semyon launches himself as a unique and rather intriguing artist. He is uniquely intriguing because he was taught by one of the most notable composers, Galina Ustvolskaya, and some of her music has influenced his.

We get the feel of what music means, why the composers composed such songs, and what goes on behind the mind and the experience of the artist/s.

Music is indeed powerful, and the more powerful the experience and the connection that the artist has with himself the longer it will grace our life. Great music never gets old!

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Pub Date: October 14, 2019
Page Count: 246
Publisher: Xlibris US
Review Posted Online: October 14, 2019
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: February 25, 2021
Categories: Arts & Photography > Music

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