Captured Pleasure Book 5 (The Chasers) by Tanya Sands

A very interesting love affair you’ve written Tanya, what inspired you to write about them – the characters, the theme, and the gist of it?

This book is about the oldest son of my female character, Randa Michaels, in book one of the series. I wanted to show that with the influence of a good mom, a man could find more than a figure attractive. I also liked the idea of one of her boys following in her footsteps by being in a polyamorous relationship.

What are other books that you’ve written?

I’ve got 5 of t he 6 planned books for The Chasers San Diego written. I’ve also got 2 of the 3 books for my spinoff, The Inked Chasers trilogy written. Lastly, I’ve got an MC/mafia standalone published.

What got you interested to write?

I’ve always been able to write stories, mostly short ones.

What are other interesting things you enjoy, aside from writing?

I make hand-tied patchwork quilts (mainly for gifts).

Do you have another book you are planning to launch soon? Tell us about it.

My current WIP is called Wicked Following. It is the 3rd in my Inked Chasers. This trilogy is the special to me because a fellow author, Zana King (my bestie!) is writing the last in HER trilogy. Our books are connected. My tattooing crew are close friends with her heavy metal band. They’re so close they end up having a play party, as in swinging. This trilogy has, in my opinion, made me grow as an author. It has opened me up to writing about more than heterosexual characters.

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