No One is Safe at Night by Janelle Barker

Such an interesting and compelling book. The book cover already draws people into reading it. What compelled you to write about it?

What compelled me to write this book was that I wanted to challenge myself. To change genres to find out if I could write and publish a thriller. I have had nothing but great feedback for my first theme thriller book, so I have decided to continue with challenging myself to write more thrillers. I have also watched thrillers and horror movies since 13 years old and I love them, however, they lack twists in their storyline, and that’s when I said: “Okay, I will write a Thriller with twists.” 

Now, I am trying to pitch – NO ONE IS SAFE AT NIGHT to the film industry!

Have you written other book genres? Tell us about them.

I have written other genre books. I have written 4 poetry books, such as Emotives (Volume 1 and 2), and Sounds of the World (Volume 1 and 2). I have also written Encounter with the Unknown, a true story about people’s paranormal experiences from around the world. I am also planning to do a Book 2 for this.

Tell us about the most interesting book that you’ve written and why?

All of my books are interesting for varied reasons. My poetry books are REAL and RAW, and everyone can connect to them because I write from real-life experiences and also about big events that have happened in the world! 

One example is 9/11.

People who have gone thru heartbreak, single mothers, fathers who don’t see their children, love, love lost, Bali bombings, Hitler, New Zealand volcano, Ivan Milat backpack murders, etc. If you like thrillers with a twist, then this is what you can expect from me and so far the feedback is positive.

And the GHOST STORIES? Well, who doesn’t love them?

Share something about yourself Janelle and the things you enjoy doing, aside from writing.

I love camping, fishing, 4×4 driving, boating, and being with family and friends. I absolutely love the outdoors! I am a mother of 3 children, I have an amazing husband, and we have one grandson due any time now. So, I will have an exciting 2021!

Do you have another book in mind to write very soon? Tell us about it.

Yes, I have just started another THRILLER BOOK – yeah!

I am taking my time with this one and it will be my 7th book, and I will continue to write as long as I have the writing bug!

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