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Liana Wall is a ballet teacher in England, United Kingdom. Aside from her graceful aura, she is also a children’s book writer and wrote a book that touches on the fantasy genre!

As a ballet teacher herself, Liana’s inspiration came from her experience where she imagined having fairies under the floorboards in ballet lessons so that the little dancers would dance gracefully and lightly. She brought these fairies into life in her book. When her parents passed away, the fairies brought comfort in her sad times.

Liana was always interested in writing. Her interest always surrounds in the world of imagination, she loves to create her magical ideas and adventures that came from her dance classes. Her little ballerinas used to love this so much that she thought it’s a great idea to bring that to paper, sharing the joy with more children.


How do you create or select the names and personalities of your characters?

From the little girls, I used to teach ballet. They loved all the magical words in dance. We use to sprinkle fairy dust on our toes so they would point. From this sparkle, glitter, tinsel, twinkle, and glow were the perfect names to create princess fairies from. The personalities all were those of positivity, warmth, and encouragement. I hold this dear in my heart as I love to empower others and give them strength. Something I hold had to find when I lost my parents too.


What was your favorite story? Did you have one story you like the most?

I love writing them all but Journey to the Humans is close to my heart as this is where the fairies meet Tilly, the human. She’s a ballerina. I think a lot of readers can relate to this. I brought my life here into the story with the fairies under the floorboards. I actually wrote this story first. Yet it’s the last one to be told in the book.


If you could meet your younger self, what would you tell her?

To keep strong and positive. Life may not be as you plan and things can change in a heartbeat. But as long as you never give up on your strength and dreams you can achieve anything.


Is there any genre that you want to explore next?

My heart will always be in magical stories, however, my mother started writing a women’s story that I am finishing for her in her memory. So yes I have branched to another level here in writing.


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