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Be Consistent And Write More

You did your homework and got several fan emails, you sold a few books and, most importantly, your website has already been established, and so what is next? Consistency is the key to keep the momentum going even when you are working for another novel. This is the reason why the top selling best authors still have their followers even up to now, because their readers already know what to expect. Now that you have your followers that have read your books, you need to develop their trust to assure them  that you will work for another novel that will leave them crave for more.

An author’s life never stops. Yet the question is, how will you able to balance your life while you are consistent in managing writing, publishing and promotion? Now that you have your platform, don’t expect to have a riffle effect right away. It may take months or so to be able to witness and be surprised that your hard work has paid off.

You can schedule your break while working for your next book and this will not dwindle your platform. Do not be afraid that your readers will forget about you. Google alert is a tool where you will be able to know who talks about you, your works and will give you notifications when there is news about you.

Checking your social media accounts will let you know who are talking about you and your works or who are posting a photo of your book. Surely, this will brought a smile to your face and will remind you that all your work has paid off. Do not forget to appreciate your readers who are supporting through your journey.

Be Proud of Your Work And Output

You have worked hard to build your platform and by this, you have reached a wide audience for your book. This is the time to celebrate your milestones and to reward yourself for all the hard work and determination. You deserved a toast by inspiring and entertaining people. You have touched many readers in one lifetime.

There is no ending in an author’s journey. To keep you going, believe in the three P’s, which are Passion, Perseverance and Prayer. Writing this book is my way for thanking the people who has been with me from the start and to encourage new authors that one day they can build their own platform too.

I know this journey is not easy for you but always remember that this is just the beginning. You have come a long way from where you started, but forever remember your humble beginnings.

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