Ana Scannell : The Grey Nymph

An Irish children’s author that made a children’s book that is all about a gray nymph who doesn’t feel she’s good enough to participate in life around her. She touched on the fantasy theme because she thought it would entice little readers to read the book or have it read to them. The message is important to learn at an early age, as establishing self-worth and confidence while they are still developing their sense of self is paramount as a child grows.

Plus, fairies and nymphs are a beautiful fantasy too. They’re magical creatures! Who wouldn’t want to meet a nymph? Ana’s favorite of all time was The Children of Lir, a legend from Irish Mythology that she always loved.

What was the legend all about?

It’s a story about King Lir who was married and had four daughters. His wife died and he remarried. The stepmother loved the daughters at first, but then grew jealous of the father’s love for them and turned them into swans. It’s a tragic but beautiful story!

It truly is! Did that story influence your book in some way?

It didn’t influence my book yet the magic behind it gave me the fantasy feel. The main influence behind the book was the things I saw in social media (to be honest) and everyone strives to be “perfect”. Through makeup, cosmetic surgery, and the latest hair extensions. I felt that no matter what they did or what they bought it was never enough for them. To the point it was holding people back from excelling in life, always looking for the next thing to make them good enough or worthy enough to live a happier and best life.

Did you have a favorite scene or chapter in the book?

My favorite scene is where her shadow is watching from behind the tree, looking at everyone else having fun. The only thing stopping her from joining in is her lack of belief in herself or her ability to be able to add any value to the group,

As the writer, what would you say to your character if ever had a chance to talk to her?

The same thing the little boy told her, but you’d have to read the book to find out what that is!

Any advice for aspiring young writers?

Just to do it! Write about what you feel. Write because you love writing, telling stories inspires people, and if you make money doing it it’s a bonus. Do it for the love of writing first and foremost. Then you have lost nothing.

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