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Build Trust and Mass Following

As your works is going through months and years, you must not always rely on your family and friends. You need more readers. More readers, more people to carry a piece of you from the books they have read. The most magical thing for the author is that they allowed the readers to feel something about their work whether they loved the book or hated it.

Authors may not know their readers, and may live in other part of the world, but somehow because of your book you had connected with them. Writers enjoy writing and by this, you let your readers connect with you and you made an impact on them.

Writing must come naturally to you, while marketing, on the other hand not only takes talent, creativity and skill, but also guts and determination.

Time Management Is A Must

People ask for everything with a push of a button, where we are over-scheduled and restless. Whether you have a full time job, family, activities, and balancing writing and promoting in between can feel like working a second job, you need to give time for writing and promoting your books. Deadlines may to ruin your creativity; you must be determined to succeed.

Mark your planner and set your schedule in your commotion list for your short term and long-term goals. What is your platform and what you want to achieve in the next six months or so.  You know your weakness and strengths and you what will work best for you, so you must stick to your goals.

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