Mardi Harjo on Boldly Confronting the Question of Who’s Controlling You?

In today’s modern world, it is easy to get swayed and torn in different directions with everything that it has to offer. Who would think of one’s         soul when the physical body is drowned in a multitude of sensorial pleasures and stimulus? What does it matter who controls you or your life?

Deep down, however, Mardi Harjo knows of the myriad of questions that keep you awake at night. As a published author, musical composer, visual, and vocal, she appears to be your everyday Christian. But once you give her that opportunity to reach into your soul, you are bound to throw your defenses away.

Your soul hunger and thirsts, Harjo is not one to take it sitting down. Drawing from her belief in God, she awakens you from your slumber to help you finally confront the inevitable and free you from bondage.

Who is your inspiration behind the book?

Without a doubt, it was the person of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word, Jesus, who inspired me to write the book. Our awesome Creator has endowed each one of us with unique gifts, all of which are meant to give glory to Him- and He is most worthy. I’ve always been a writer but had never actually planned to write a book. It was God’s urgent prompting that came at His appointed time.

What can your readers expect to gain from it?

It is my hope that readers would gain a magnified awareness of who God is according to the revelation of Himself in His Word (the Bible), their need for salvation by being able to see how hopelessly depraved human nature actually is, and what initially took place that has perpetuated the spiritual bondage we’re all born into. As well, the reader can expect to gain a much greater sense of purpose, hope, and belonging, a better understanding of what true freedom really means, and the ability to comprehend the ingenious divine redemptive strategy that was implemented by Christ on our behalf so that all who humbly receive His merciful advocacy might be reconciled to the Heavenly Father, relationally speaking. Most importantly, the reader can gain the realization that the reward of eternal heaven cannot be achieved by human performance and that it’s only by way of God’s grace and our faith in Him- not ourselves. Conclusively, the reader can discover that our Creator who made man in His own image wants to restore that damaged image by causing us to be spiritually reborn as an entirely new creation- as only He can.

Is there a personal life story you shared here that you consider most significant for you? What could it be?

In the book’s autobiographical summation, I shared the personal tragedy of my beloved oldest son’s suicidal departure. It was hugely traumatizing and drove me headlong into the arms of Christ. From that time forward, I was caused to take His commands more seriously and be less compromised and cavalier about my life’s representation of Him. Also, I became more determined than ever to keep on spreading God’s Light through His Gospel which Satan, the enemy of our souls, relentlessly strives to snuff out. That’s how I “get even”, so to speak.

If there is one chapter you would like your readers to focus on, which would it be?

The chapter entitled “Saved-From What?” has a subtitle “New Age- The Oldest Lie.” This would be a good investigation. It exposes humankind’s inherent propensity to believe the flattering lie that man is in charge of his own destiny, can save himself from himself, and even redefine the Creator’s divine order while assuming the ability to recreate the creation as if he were the Creator himself! This section in the book blows the cover of many false theories, ideologies, and satanically based belief systems that the oldest lie encompasses.

If this book was a song, how would you title it and why?

Perhaps if the book were a song, I would title it “You Did For Me What I Could Not”. It would be a song of praise and gratitude toward a loving God’s exclusive ability to deliver us from the curse of our physical and spiritual death sentence by substitutively becoming a curse for us.

How would you consider writing a book different from or the same as composing a song?

In many ways, books and songs are similar. Both can be “music to our ears”, evoking both an emotional and thought-provoking response. Books, however, more accurately clarify the message that was intended.

If there was one subject that you wanted to be included here, what would it be?

Because this book is multi-topical, the overall emphasis permeates a broad spectrum of subjects and approaches them from many different angles with a desire to cover as many bases as possible. There would be no other subject that I can imagine adding- at least at this point in time. Of course, I’m always open to the possibility.

Any other books you are planning to write in the very near future?

As yet, there are no plans to write another book in the near future, but most certainly if the Lord deems otherwise it’s not likely I would procrastinate. He administrates marvelous methods that bring us to the place He wants us to be in Him, thereby causing our desires to line up with His desire.

How is a day like in the life of Mardi Harjo?

A day-in-the-life for me in an outward sense is pretty much the same as it is for most everyone, which includes work demands both on the job and home front. Because my husband and I reside in a rural area, we enjoy some unusual entertainment such as feeding an army of raccoons on our back porch who take cookies from our hands. This kind of feeding fun also includes some opossums and our spoiled domesticated feline family. In the inward sense as well, everyone’s day-in-the-life includes listening to our own thoughts with endless variations on that theme!

For someone such as myself and many other Yeshua followers, throughout the course of the day, there will be reflections on the Scripture with prayers for others and beseeching the Lord’s protection and insight, particularly with regard to these uncertain times and their prophetic significance. Also, there is the ongoing inner struggle to maintain a Godly focus and attitude by looking toward things above and thinking about the praiseworthy beauty of Christ’s character as opposed to being overly distracted by the evil undercurrents of this world system which in the end, is destined to perish.

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