My Open Hands: Daily Devotional by Ann Rhodes

The book is a daily guide that can help us in our everyday struggles or issues with prayers.  The author is an elementary school teacher and a foster parent. Her love for writing started at 8 years old and didn’t stop until she wrote her first book.

What inspired you to write a devotional book?

My faith and belief in God inspired me to write a devotional book.  Before I begin my day each morning, I always start with a prayer, a scripture, and then reflect on how my day went overall.  

How can My Open Hands change people’s lives?

My Open Hands will allow people to focus on faith, comfort, forgiveness, love, patience, and peace.  Each section includes prayer, scripture, and reflection questions. 

What other books have you written?

I have written poetry books and 1 other devotional book.  Beginning until Now is the first poetry book that I’ve written. This book focuses on life, spirituality, prayer, and the people who have made a true difference in my life. A Sight to Behold is my second poetry book and it focuses on everlasting life, dealing with relationships, and a strong belief in God.  My third book, A Daily Reflection focuses on forgiveness as well as finding your purpose in life.

Tell us about the most significant part of this book?

The most significant part of the book is the prayers the is the beginning of each section.  So depending on what type of problem you are facing, then you can pray the prayers on that section or you can modify it any way you like if you chose to use it.

Why do you love to write?

God gave me the gift to write and spread his message throughout the world.  That’s why my poems are centered around God because without him my dream of publishing a book would not have come true.

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