The Cobalt Warrior (Cerberus Brothers Book 1) by F.L. Journey

Such an interesting story! How did you come up with this idea?

I have always loved Mythology but I wanted to upset the status quo in that I wanted to add a twist to the classic story.  My personal favorite is Greek Mythology but I made sure to add a lot of different mythos into this story.  


What other books have you written?

I have a dystopian series that is a bit zombie(ish), but also has Mayan influences so it isn’t really a zombie.  


What do you think is the most exciting part of this book? 

I think the twist of the old mythos is really exciting and just learning about the characters.


 As an author, where do you get inspiration to write such a creative story?

 I dream a lot and so some of my ideas come from those dreams.  I also have a writing partner that helps when I throw ideas out to really formalize the ideas.


Tell us more about yourself, and why you love to write.

I am a business owner and I do a lot of side projects.  When I am not working on a new book I love to read, I have a book review blog, and I cross-stitch.



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