Vincent Panettiere Furnished a Thought-Provoking Prose of a Man’s Unconscious Confessions.

 Vincent Panettiere Furnished a Thought-Provoking Prose of a Man’s Unconscious Confessions.

Brave and brilliant, those were just a few terms to describe this exceptional narrative. The Music of Women included an open and honest portrayal of a man’s thoughts, experiences, and even his fears. Through Vincent Panettiere’s flair for creating wonders, this erotic stream of unconsciousness will dwell with you for a long time.

Vincent Panettiere is the author of four books to date. Three novels: A Woman to Blame, The Scopas Factor, and the award-winning and critically acclaimed These Thy Gifts. He has also written The Internet Financing Illusion, which deals with the dark side of the Internet. He was formerly a certified and bonded literary agent in Los Angeles, where he represented TV/Film writers and filmmakers. At the same time, he was a Big-League Baseball Players Association-certified agent who represented major league baseball players. Early in his career as a writer, he penned and sold numerous film scripts that were never realized due to the byzantine world of motion pictures. 

How was writing The Music of Women different from writing your other

In 2009, I wrote the Music of Woman for NANOWRIMO –
National Novel Writing Month – 50,000 words in 30 days. My goal was
to write a credible story within those guidelines. Completing MOW
gave me the confidence to write all the others.

Where did you get the inspiration for Charlie Forte’s character?

The inspiration for Charlie Forte came through channelling the
fantasies, wishes and dreams of all writers. A wish for fame and fortune
from writing a successful novel can be accompanied by feelings of guilt
and unworthiness. This is what Charlie feels, reminding him of his
many indiscretions, causing him to re-examine his life and leading to
the decision to atone for his life by ending it

What is your favorite defining characteristic about these female characters? And who was your favorite to write?

My favorite character is Sierra. She is kind, smart, beautiful and
understands Charlie more than any other woman in his life – even his
wife. As far as the other women, their main characteristic is that they
are not Sierra.

Which part of the story do you like best?

Sierra’s interaction with Charlie – when they met, how he saw her in
his coma and later are my favourite parts of the story.

What would you like your readers to get from this story?

I have no message or bits of wisdom for readers to take away from
The Music of Women. My job is to present the story and characters.
Readers react based on their own range of experiences. Whatever
reaction the book provokes, I’ve done my job.

Throughout the story, Charlie expressed honest views on different topics, such as gender preferences, immoral acts, and a lot more issues. Will you say that all his opinions here are pure fiction, or are there even just a bit of your own opinion implied?

The book is a novel, a work of fiction. Any implications are creations in
the mind of the reader and nothing more. Whatever opinions Charlie
has spring from his character.

Who are your favorite authors? Please describe why you liked them.

I usually read non-fiction. My two favorite novelists are deceased. They
are Ivan Doig, a prolific writer whose novels are set in the Northwest
United States. Doig creates memorable characters who exist in a
corner of the country that is pure Americana – both familiar and
The other is Andrea Camilleri who wrote the Inspector Montalbano
series of more than 30 books. Set in a fictious part of Sicily, his
characters jump off the pages. The mysteries Inspector Montalbano
tries to solve are less important than the characters involved.

If you could write anywhere, where would it be?

I don’t have a desire to write in a specific place. The words come from
my head which enables me to write anywhere

What would your readers be surprised to know about you?

I wouldn’t want to surprise my readers.

Can we expect another book from you? What will it be about?

Shared Sorrows is my latest novel. It was published at the end
of 2021

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