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Advertisements Help a Lot

J.K. Rowling is the highest earning author that pays millions for an advertisement.  McDonalds, Nike, and Coca cola also credit their exposure to ads that’s why they earn so much in revenue. I know most of the authors don’t have enough budgets to pay for ads and I understand your situation. However, to tell you honestly, ads will surely help you sell. As an author, ads are investments. You may not acquire back the investment but you can guarantee that you will get exposure.

These advertising companies have a wider platform and network that can help Authors to reach more people and gain exposure:


Kindle Nation Daily




Everyone Loves Freebies

Years ago, Barbara Freethy offered her book freely on Amazon. Who doesn’t want a free book? Who doesn’t get excited to see a great bargain, but free offers a better deal? Trying this free promo for at least a day or two guaranteed you to have thousands of readers that will he“lp you build your author’s platform.  This technique compliments you even more if you have other books.

After the appearance of your book in Amazon’s bestseller list, your book will become more visible to public. Raising the original price back after a few days will soar the sales. If this strategy works for you, you can do this for every three months or so.

Amazon will help you to get a wider audience by recommending your book their readers based on the books they have purchased. You will see the notification saying, “Customers who bought this item also bought….”  You will notice the development after a few days after you raise back the original price.

You can feature your free promos by posting on their pages.

Sites to promote your free book:



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What Amazons Can Offer

Amazon gave a big impact on how readers read and connect to how books published. Amazon allows authors to classify the books in every genre and sub-genres to instantly publish their works. In choosing your book, you must define the genre as specific as possible to let it stand out in the crowd of other books and to be at Amazon’s list. You must use sub-genres that are not common. This strategy will help you to gain more readers.

Authors are excited to gain reviews for their book that helps the sales to boost. Scheduling a virtual blog tour is an effective way for this. The blog host who read your works are kind enough to post their reviews on Amazon. If you have also done giveaways, you can request the winners to post their reviews. 

Amazon Central page features a professional headshot photo and pleasing Bio. Every author must have this page to let the readers know more about you. Having a pleasing summary of your book allows reader to read your book more.

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