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Plus Factor In Ebook Pricing

Consider that you are a new author and everybody knows that you wrote a book. You even have an appealing cover and attractive summary but what will entice your friends or your neighbors to buy your book? Pricing do matters. Starting to sell your books in a lesser price might not get much in royalties but you will surely win a few readers and you can guarantee that they will talk about it. After your promotions have been completed you can raise the price back to its original price.
You can work with your publisher and ask them if can do a campaign for a couple of days or weeks with this price point. Readers are still searching for a bargain and it can be very enticing for less than a $100 price point. You may think that your work devalued by a low price, but keep in mind that a promo does not last long.

Don’t be hesitant to lower your price point to less than $100, because this is also very effective not just for me but also for other authors. Although you didn’t make much in royalties, at least your goal to be expose and reach more readers and fans made it to reality.

Newsletter as a Highlight

Building your database of readers and updating them with your developments can be done in a newsletter. Newsletters are more professional than just emailing everyone about the latest news of your career. You can advise your loyal fans about your next book.

Newsletter should be sent not only to your friends and family, but also to the readers who have sent you an email about your work. Most writers send out a monthly newsletter pointing out the highlights of their work. It is particularly helpful if they are coming out with a new book or have an experience they wish to share. 

Do not forget to add your email signature when you send out an email that includes websites, Facebook and other social media pages to let people find you even those who are not related to writing they can be a way to let other people know your work.

There are companies who offer free services for templates for your work.


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