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Competition as a Personality Enhancer

In the sector, there are many experts, and being authentic and having the authority to write your subject will allow you to stand out from the rest. Competition taught me a great deal about branding myself. Spending time looking at writers who write the same genre as I do, learning what I can do differently from them. Women’s fiction and Romance novels are known to be a competitive market. There are top authors that proven successful like Nicholas Sparks, Dan Brown, J.K.Rowling. Studying the marketing strategies of these authors has helped me in my career. Non-fiction author also need to make a clear statement theme of what they are writing about. You don’t want their style to be followed, but you can get tips to find your voice and pack yourself so that readers can connect with your work. Investigate the techniques used by these authors to support themselves. Who are their readers? How different are they doing? Why are they following their work? All this contributes to your brand and how you want your readers to identify you.

Every author need to share a piece of them. Showing a piece of you emanating your vulnerability. We as authors prefer to gather stories and there can be nothing more enriching and loving than when you are writing about your joy and sorrow. This shows you that you are more real. You can write about your experience, your deepest fears and the human conditions. You need infinite possibilities to use your imagination to convey your readers that you can able to take risks and can write stuff you don’t know about.

After the release of Twilight, so many people have written about vampires and werewolves in order to keep up with the trend. There is nothing wrong with writing on that topic, but what makes the author of that book unique is that she has brought up all of the vampire characters and made them the good guys. Tell yourself what more you can d if you write non-fiction and your book is imitating other helpful works.

I was a little wary of completing the pages when I began writing this book and worried that I could not compete with other marketing books. However, I’d just concentrate and felt that I had an edge to inspire online and had never to go anywhere. The rest of the marketing books will not look like my novel. As I have used these methods to promote my novels, I believe that the new writers are eager to try what I have done.

Competition is good, but what will make you stand out from the rest? This is one way to make your own branding. You miss out when you obey all the rules; you have to take yourself to that profound level if you want your story to be unforgettable and endearing from the heart write.

Everyone Loves Bargain

Who doesn’t like to buy something more worthwhile than you paid for? It’s the same for your book. You may negotiate with your publisher to lower your price for a certain amount of time, whether you are individually or are traditionally published. You should try selling half-offs or partners with other author if you have many books and purchase two at the price of one of them. This brings even more to the contract.

You can change the rates every so often when you are an Aspiring writer that publishes your book through Amazon and other online retailers. I normally prepare every three months for myself to keep going the momentum. For two days, I keep the promo, and then return the original amount. I find this technique works and make my books more exposed.

Have you ever found other writer’s books on the back pages of your favorite book? This marketing plan is brilliant. All of the people who read the book see your book’s cover now. Fill up your book with a synopsis and first line. This collaboration with a different author or multiple writers who write in the same genre as you will help to sell your books at a bargain price for a few days. Coordinate with other authors enables you to inspire your readers to collaborate with and other way around. 

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