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The Essence of Writing

Authors are the ones who writes literary works and to become one of them you need to be habitually engaged in what you are doing. You need to make your work as if it has life. 

Being a novice in the field of writing is somewhat frightful. You need to unveil some part of your existence in order to discover more of your innate skill and talent and at this phase it will somehow make you skip and bound to the next step of your journey, and then unintentionally you start questioning yourself on the importance of your work and as a whole, is about the essence of writing.

Maybe you chose to write just for the fact that it can be a creditable source of living or just for fun, and maybe you just want to express your thoughts and knowledge to the public. But then doing something without passion in your heart is just like throwing stone in the air. And this is one important fact that you must have to consider.

Having a hobby and a career are two different things. It has distinct impact in the life of the author. You can write anytime you want to about any topic under the sun without thinking of the deadlines nor being afraid to fail. Or you can keep your work to yourself only or share it with your loved ones. Or, writing can be a very important thing for you that’s why you invest much of your time to keep things organized and well presented. 

After apprehending of where you are really going to, you will have then a greater vision on how to be successful in your chosen career especially when you want to be a good writer.

Who Are Your Audience?

Why do you need to identify your readers from the start of your work? Identifying your audience will help you in your marketing approach in reaching wide audience. Your readers must be classified by status, gender, and age group. If you are not certain or having difficulties in identifying your readers, appear at an on-line bookstore like AbeBooks and search for books that are comparable to yours and read the first given chapters and based on that you will have an idea to where your work suites best. 

If you’re writing a self-help e book about parenting, then you must have to know that your readers will be parents, upcoming parents, and human beings who fill the function of parents. If you’re writing a children’s book, then you ought to first establish the age group of your readers. If you’re writing a futuristic novel set in an extraordinary world/realm or a dystopian novel, then most likely you’ll have young grown-ups and adult readers. If you’re writing a nonfiction e book about the global economy then most in all likelihood your readers will be economists, business proprietors and world leaders. 

For fiction authors, books are divided by way of genre. If you are writing a romance novel, majority of your readers will be girls in their twenties and above, while if you write thrillers or mysteries, your readers will be men and women.

Authorpreneur: Who are you?

An Authorpreneur concentrates on setting up one’s brand to the customer using distinct avenues to promote their work, building a platform online and thinking of an image. 

Platform is not about promoting your books, but about being an authority in your field and that defines your visibility with your audience. Are people aware of your existence that they want to know about you? What impression do you want to depart with your readers and fans? What avenues do you use to preserve people informed about you and your book that imparts credible sufficient for people to grasp? Are you focused on the right audience for your work that is influential enough to convince them that your book is worthy to read? 

Please be aware that building a platform doesn’t manifest overnight. It’s similar to a tune that takes months to build. Even if you are done constructing your platform, you need to continue developing it to attain a wider audience.

An Authorpreneur will in no way provide upgaining expertise of and reaching out to his/her target market and followers. Authorpreneur is someone who is on pinnacle of the game, generally mastering new things and inclined to be innovative even when publishing market changes all the time.

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