Beyond the Moon and the Heartache Too

Family is everything. Family is all we have. Family is love. 

These are what family should be to everyone, but what if instead of giving you love and support, it turns out that they’re the ones who are holding you back? They’re the ones stopping you to pursue and build your dreams.

Beyond the Moon and the Heartache Too is a story about Sidnei Jewell, an independent, smart, and talented woman. As a young girl, she lived obliviously, yet keen on her surroundings. She can easily sense if something is unusual, but prefers not to probe into it since she is just a girl, just a girl especially in the eyes of her father. She grew up not knowing the answers to all her questions and uncertainties about her family. She often daydreams and lets herself be lost in the moments of peace and joy of her own world… and she is happy with it. As a fully grown woman, she now lives with her husband Logan Jewell in Pennsylvania with comfort. Both are financially stable and they work hard to earn it. Her as a professional freelance photographer and writer, and him as a chemical engineer with his own firm. 

Their peaceful life together began to go awry by the unusual exchange of phone calls with her parents. Bothered by it, she investigated it with the full support of her sweet husband and flew back home, if she could ever truly call it home. The messy house and her parents’ deteriorating health hit her by surprise. Her parents almost looked unfamiliar and the way everything used to be was nowhere to be found. 

The book stood up to its title, as you feel a lot of heartaches and tear-jerking scenes transpire as you go on to every page of the book. It was maddening sometimes when you encounter men characters in the story who belittle girls or women, like her father Gabe and brother Garvan. Can’t believe men like them actually exist! The author Anne Hutcheson perfectly captured the heart of the readers in presenting a realistic situation and circumstances a young girl or a woman may experience in the hands of men who think female is a weaker gender and successfully redeemed the men through the character of Logan, Sidnei’s husband.  

Hutcheson gifted us with a tear-jerking love story not only between a man and a woman but among family members, that despite the differences or the hurt inflicted by them, sometimes you still wish the best for them. 

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Pub Date: September 5, 208
ASIN: B07H594XS5
Page Count: 150
Publisher: iUniverse
Review Posted Online: September 5, 2018
Writera Magazine Reviews Issue: February 27, 2021
Categories: Literature & Fiction

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