Frank Tropea Teases the Readers’ Forbidden Fantasies and Hidden Darkest Desires

People say love is blind and it is true for some when we are blinded by mere feelings. But true love is more than a feeling, it is like the                       unconditional love of a mother to her child or children. Like Amanda, the main character of Frank Tropea’s book, The Avenging Angel, who fought so hard for the welfare of her children despite her shortcomings as a woman and more so as a mother. No one is perfect and all of us shared the same imperfection that can be found in every one of us. Tropea takes us on a journey to the strange world of eroticism and the spiritual realm. He has talent in provoking his readers to embark on forbidden fantasies and unravel the hidden darkest desires within the depth of wicked minds and his book, The Avenging Angel, will definitely blow your mind.

What do you think Amanda being a mother to her children?

Though Amanda has her shortcomings as a mother, I do believe she really loves her two children. In the end of the book she sacrifices her own life for her two children to save them from the pernicious doings of the ghost William and his unsavory band of the Confederate ghosts.

Don’t you think it’s been a little too late for Amanda’s avenging in the story?

No, I don’t think it’s too late for Amanda to avenge herself on William for the degradations he’s forced on her, especially the seduction of her young, very beautiful daughter, Angelique.

Amanda’s wanting for more sex adventure is already considered an addiction, is that right?

Oh, yes, Amanda is already addicted to William’s very skilled and wonderful love-making. It is he, in fact, who brings out her predisposition to nymphomania.

Are you satisfied with how Amanda reacted after his husband’s demise and how she treated her in laws?

Yes, I am satisfied with how Amanda reacted to Craig’s death and her angry reaction to his parents, especially Craig’s mother. Amanda reacted very much in keeping with her character in the novel.

Every time she drown herself drunk and have pretty rough sex again, when meeting his children, she always said that it’s for them. How come that it’s for them?

I think, at some unconscious level, even Amanda realized just how degraded she’d become through William. She didn’t want her two children to see it at all because she still loved them. She felt that what happened to her was her own fault and due to her moral failings, but she always wanted to protect her children from realizing the true and horrible situation with her.

Amanda on the other is also a victim, struggled in her childhood yet survived. She’s been fighting not to become like her mother, neglecting love and her very own existence, now, do you think the readers can see that?

I think any perceptive reader can see how Amanda becomes a victim through William and possibly due to her own inherited tendencies from her own mother, Aurelia.

Sexual adventures with ghosts are ‘almost’ always in every page of the story, is this somehow an erotic novel and not suitable for all readers?

Yes, sex is pivotal to this novel.  But I believe the eroticism is germane to the central story, much as in an Anne Rice novel. Sex is quintessential to my protagonist Amanda because of the unloving awful childhood she had with her awful mother, Aurelia. I do believe Amanda is a sympathetic character despite, her rather extreme eroticism; but I do not think Amanda is a prostitute-type young woman. She just was never loved by anyone except Delia in the story. Also, regarding her eroticism, it’s inherited in her family since that randy king, Charles II.
Personally, I don’t consider intense eroticism a character flaw unless it screws up and prevents a person marrying or ability to hold a job within our society. Obviously, this isn’t a book for children and or really prudish people, but I think an adult who is an adult could enjoy this book. Amanda was faithful to William. She loved unwisely and not too well.

Are you satisfied with Amanda’s decision in the end? In order for her to save her children, she has to go down with the explosions?

I think, at this time, there is no other way for Amanda to fully redeem herself by sacrificing herself totally. for her two children as well as Delia. The self-sacrifice shows her inherent nobility of character.

What inspired you to write this novel and what were your intentions?

I wanted to continue the story of Amanda, Craig and William. The first book, GO ASK THE DEAD, really left too many unanswered questions in its wake.

What are some things you can share when writing a book?

I do believe, when writing a book, one deals with a different plane of reality to create the world of the novel.  When one is done writing it, one feels a bit spent and empty.
I have written a third book which answers the questions in Amanda’s children and grandchildren nicely, I think.

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2 thoughts on “Frank Tropea Teases the Readers’ Forbidden Fantasies and Hidden Darkest Desires”

  1. While a number of readers would not consider Amanda a savory and morally clean character for her extreme eroticism, I consider Amanda a victim
    throughout this novel.
    Her mother’s unbalanced nymphomania lurked in her, too. Amanda thought, though, if she was faithful to William she was a good person. However, unbeknownst to Amanda, William, while in Hell itself ,made a deal with the devil to corrupt Amanda as much as possible. And he succeeded.
    William proved to be Amanda’s complete undoing, and his Confederate ghost buddies had the same intentions for Amanda. All these issues now for Amanda’s and William’s and Craig’s descendants are to somehow be resolved in the next few generations, in the book, DARK AMBER. In a way, this love, stronger than death reminds me of Bronte’s WUTHERING HEIGHTS.

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